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Ariel Winter's Brother

If Mom Can't Have Custody

Give It To Me!

8/15/2013 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ariel Winter
's older brother has just filed legal docs asking to strip custody of the 15-year-old "Modern Family" actress from her sister ... and award it to him instead ... claiming the sis is an abysmal guardian.

Jimmy Workman -- who played Pugsley Addams in the 90s "Addams Family" movies -- filed the docs in L.A., calling Ariel's older sister Shanelle Gray a bad role model who sexualizes Ariel ... and exploits Ariel's fame and money to promote her acting school.

Jimmy says Shanelle has a history with drugs, has appeared in public "almost nude revealing her private parts," and is having Ariel spend exorbitant amounts of money on a party lifestyle.

What's worse ... Jimmy says Shanelle is poisoning Ariel against her family, especially her mother Chrystal Workman.

Since the court has refused to return custody to Chrystal -- after Ariel accused her of being emotionally abusive -- Jimmy is now asking for custody to be transferred to him.

Shanelle's lawyer Mike Kretzmer tells TMZ, "The allegations are nothing new. We will handle them in court. Shanelle has taken excellent care of Ariel to date. It's interesting how Jimmy and Chrystal talk about repairing their fractured family, and then make allegations like this."

For the record, Ariel has basically said she wants nothing to do with her mom and loves being with Shanelle. A court date has been set for October.


No Avatar


He seems like a complete idiot.

436 days ago


I guess he is his mother's son. All he cares about is the money, not that poor girl.

436 days ago

Mary P    

Frankly, if you "love" being with your guardian as a teenager - then you aren't doing your job right. Guardians/Parents are supposed to be parents - not friends. A quick look at Ariel's expenditures wouldn't hurt nothing and would actually keep accountability - regardless of whether the brother gets custody.

436 days ago


Appears mother is using her son as a means of getting her hands on Ariel's money. It's obvious if he'd have custody, he'd let his mother control Ariel & her trust. Currently I don't believe her custodial sister is even getting money for being guardian. Don't believe that would be the case with Jimmy.

436 days ago


Look like his mom put him up to this.

436 days ago


The mother and brother are so desperate for money, it's almost comical. If the brother got custody, he'd just drop Ariel at the mother's house so he's not fooling anyone. Making allegations against the sister is a great way to make sure he never gets custody. The mother and brother sound like retarded monsters.

436 days ago


Doesnt Shanelle have children of her own? If she's such a horrible person and unfit to be the guardian of her sister then why isnt the brother trying to get custody of her kids as well? Oh thats right, because they dont have any money.

436 days ago


sounds like big bro is trying to get his grubby paws on her bank account

436 days ago


Has this brother considered what Ariel wants? She is happy, healthy and thriving. The courts agree. Ariel's sister isn't doing any of this for money--she and her husband have plenty of their own money. If I was Ariels' guardian, and I had a mother and brother that acted the way these two do, I would do everything in my power to keep Ariel away from them also.

436 days ago


What an effed up family. So talented and yet so sad. So what's Pugsley up to these days anyway?

436 days ago


That poor girl, her family are clearly treating her like a rope in a game of tug-of-war. I'd say she can't wait until she turns 18..

436 days ago


Also, i hope this doesn't sound ignorant because I don't know her mother, and I know some children actually want to act and its not just whatever motive their parents might have...but it feels like this woman just uses her children as cash cows. I dunno maybe she's just a mother who has learned from her mistakes and wants her family back, but it must have been pretty bad if your own child brings you to court.

436 days ago


What a lovely family....

436 days ago


Tug-of-war is NOT what this girl needs from her so called family. Stability is what she needs. This infighting needs to stop in order for her to be a healthy adult one day.

436 days ago


Mom and Pigsley need to back off of this girl! She has already said where she wants to live, and she should be old enough to choose!!!!!

436 days ago
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