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Debbie Rowe

Ominous Court Arrival

Whose Side Am I Really On?

8/15/2013 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe just arrived at court to testify in the wrongful death lawsuit -- but even though she's testifying for AEG, her brief statement this morning makes it sound like she might secretly be playing for the other team.

As we reported, Debbie views herself as a hostile witness because she believes AEG is largely responsible for Michael's death -- but the fact is ... our sources say Debbie thinks a lot of Michael's doctors share the blame.

Rowe's testimony is significant because AEG is trying to show MJ misused Propofol for years -- thanks to diabolical drug-pumping doctors -- and engineered his own demise ... but if she takes a left turn and says AEG pushed MJ over the edge, it's bad news bears.

But it wasn't all negative, Debbie also had some words to say about Paris this AM ... and they're good.


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A lot of people are to blame for his death including Michael Jackson himself. I put a lot of the blame on his family though. They used him and sat around while he got into this mess. They all knew what was going on but didn't want to rock the boat. If they did that the gravy train would end. Shame on them. The jury better side with AEG. The Jackson's don't deserve a dime.

397 days ago


leave her alone!

397 days ago


At the end of the day we are all responsible for our own behavior.

397 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

He may have been helped by doctors and pressured by AEG, but MJ bears responsibility for his own demise. As you live, so you shall die.

397 days ago


Debbie Rowe is in a tough spot, she has/wants/needs to tell the truth but she doesn't want to alienate her children who believe their father was just a victim of Dr Murray, AEG, and the Media. The truth is/will hurt these kids. The J's should get $0 and have to pay all court/Lawyer fees.

397 days ago

Donka Do Ball    

Debbie Rowe sold her babies.

397 days ago


So let me get this straight, if your employer "pushes you over the edge" (What employer doesn't at some point and time?) and you die of a drug overdose, then your family can sue them for your "wrongful death"?

What is this world coming to?

397 days ago

Sue Hamlin    

If a witness is telling the truth, there is no side. All you do is answer the questions.

397 days ago

mj fan forever    

She was NOT AT ALL part of Michael Jackson's life so cannot say if AEG was pushing him or not, she CANNOT say a damn thing!!! All what she said was in AEG's favor so far and was referred to 12 years ago, then she had NO more contacts with Michael Jackson if not for threatening and blackmailing him in court for money. She is one of those who are to blame for exploiting Michael Jackson and his name in order to get more money. And now that he unfortunately is not here to protect them, she is around Prince and Paris, a long term money-deal to her. And now of course she says Paris is doing well, to her she was doing well even when she was cutting herself and Debbie Rowe pretended not to see the scars, exactly like all others leeches. Just another disgusting money-grubber who is always ready to run when she sees the opportunity to get more money.

397 days ago

the truwth    

Didn't she testify yesterday Jackson was warned about the danger of Propofol in 1997 when he had some for 'sleep' and as she said he ignored the dangers.

The problem is if it was widely known he had drug issues then why did AEG think he could do the shows, equally if Jackson was concealing or denying his drug use to his own family, how can AEG be accused of his death.

I'd say Katherine got the truth about her son's death from Kenny Ortega last week, that he was responsible for his own health.

As for Debbie Rowe, yet another person claiming to do the best for Jackson, while regularly injecting him with Demorol and being present at procedures carried out by two different doctors.

At a time Debbie said he had drug issues he was sleeping with young boys. She and others are so in love with him they point the finger at others. Never themselves or Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson allowed people to think they were close to him, while encouraging them to think the worst of others. Classic divide and rule.

397 days ago


The best part of death is not having to wake up next to that!! WOOF!!!

397 days ago


So let me get this straight... If someones employer "pushes you over the edge" and you overdose on drugs and die, they are liable and have to pay your family for your "wrongful death"?

What is this world coming too?

397 days ago

the truwth    

Rowe explained yesterday what happened on the History tour in Germany...night before show Propofol, day 2 show, day 3 nothing, day 4 Propofol, Day 5 show. In Germany, Jackson was in a hotel room, doctors came in and set it up. Rowe said Jackson had called Metzger and said he didn't sleep. "I called Metzger to find out what we could do," Rowe described. "They had set everything up and Metzger said the doctors were coming." Rowe said she voiced her concerns to Jackson and Metzger. She said it was a little drastic to do something like that and they were in another country, she didn't know the name of the medications. Rowe said Dr. Metzger talked to Michael and it wasn't Dr. Metzger's first choice. Asked why Diprivan not sedative, sleeping pills, Rowe sated, “I think he tried and it didn't work. And if he couldn't sleep, he couldn't perform.”

And Debbie, if he didn't wake, no Michael.

397 days ago


Rowe's testimony is significant because AEG is trying to show MJ misused Propofol for years -- thanks to diabolical drug-pumping doctors -- and engineered his own demise ... but if she takes a left turn and says AEG pushed MJ over the edge, it's bad news bears.

Meaning exactly what? That either way Michael demanded drugs to keep on?

397 days ago


Hasn't Debbie read Dr. Shafer's testimony during murray's trial? Dr.Shafer is an expert in anesthesia and has said that propofol is used by pump,it is NOT USED to treat insomnia,only in heavy surgery with specialized equipment and performed by highly trained medical staff,there is also a monitor to alarm the doctor if something bad happens to the sedated patient.

Is this what Debbie saw? i highly doubt.

397 days ago
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