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Debbie Rowe

Cries About Paris Jackson

... She's a Shell of a Person

8/15/2013 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Paris Jackson lost her soul when her father died ... so said Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe on the stand today, breaking down into tears.

Debbie was testifying for AEG in the wrongful death lawsuit Thursday, when the subject turned to MJ's 15-year-old daughter and her recent suicide attempt.

Debbie said she had been in touch with Paris every day until June 5, when paramedics were called to the Jackson mansion in Calabasas after Paris downed a bunch of Motrin and cut herself with a butcher's knife.

Debbie said Paris had been "devastated" by her father's death and that's what caused the suicide attempt. Debbie added, "She tried to kill herself ... She has no life. She doesn't feel she has a life anymore."

Paris is currently at an undisclosed residential treatment center outside California.



No Avatar


Bad memories. who knows what MJ did to the kids..

443 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

Debbie F**K the Jackson family... Take care of that girl!!! Be a mother and take her home with you when she leaves

443 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

I don't know. Michael couldn't have been the most attentive dad. He was on some pretty heavy drugs. The heaviest. Does she miss not seeing him passed out with a doctor by his side at all time?

443 days ago


Michael was not like that. He was a loving father and a loving person.

443 days ago


She's probably hiding out with MJ somewhere ;-)

443 days ago


I feel sorry for her. She was raised in one of the most dysfunctional families in America.

443 days ago


All these people think you can be as crazy or different as you want to be and buy yourself some kids and everythings gonna be OK.....MJs chickens are coming home to roost....Paris is the 1st....Blanket's not far behind and Prince will hang on as long as possible. Not a psychiatrist in the world will be able to explain this to them.

443 days ago


Well if Rowe was in touch with Paris "every day" and knew how desperate the kid felt, WTH didn't Rowe scream for help for Paris BEFORE all of this?

443 days ago


Many have harsh feelings for Michael Jackson and I hope this all comes to a conclusion soon. The real tragedy are the children and how they will deal with all the negativity surrounding their father.

For their sake I hope they will one day be able to ignore the negative comments and lead a life their father would have been proud of.

443 days ago

The Executives Wife    

This girl has some heavy duty demons to battle. Dad was an addict with accusations of being a child molester and Mom took cash to stay away. Lets not forget about how we all feel about the whole jackson family.That's pretty rough for adults to handle imagine being a teenage kid. I feel sorry for her.

443 days ago

Max Smart    

Oh please! I feel bad for Paris, but her father was an a well-do***ented addict before and after she was born. It's his fault he died, with the illegal assistance of Murray.Pretty soon no promoter or employer is going to be able hire anyone at all, because they won't want to be sued for that person's private poor choices.

443 days ago


She created the shell by selling her for top dollar. How did she think this girl would end up??

443 days ago


Once Again, get her Spoilerd, over-indulged, famous-for-nothing butt up to a kids cancer ward and Tell THEM why life in the lap of luxury is just too hard to take. She will find no one there who feels sorry her,

443 days ago

News Flash     

Aww, I'm not going to post negative "truths" about her Dad...But, I'm waiting until she gets out. Until then ill post about Jacko Wacko.

443 days ago


Debbie, Michael's friends, and his family can thank themselves for not doing anything to intervene when Michael was alive. They all knew he had a problem but didn't do much to stop it. They proved they could be conniving last year when they staged Katherine's disappearance but Katherine was in on that. All they wanted was to have someone younger be a guardian for the kids in case 83 year old Katherine were to pass-on in the near future. Had Katherine tried to do that on her own, she would've invalidated the agreement for her allowance. So they concocted that ridiculous plan. No matter how ridiculous though, the plan worked and also proved that the Jacksons could have come together to do something about Michael. I'll ignore their half-assed attempt that made Michael angry at all of them. They didn't really try.

Had they gone on a media blitz to talk shows and interviews talking about Michael's addiction before he died, they may have pressured him into getting help. They could have put pressure on the doctors that were supplying him with unnecessary drugs by naming them all. Who's to say it would have worked but it would've been a good faith effort.

Instead, immediately after Michael died, we got Jermaine, and the rest them claiming that Michael didn't have an addiction and they were telling lies. They later dialed-back the lies and admitted that Michael had indeed been a druggie.

I knew Michael was drugged when I saw him in the "This is it" interview when he walked in high and his wig messy. I knew he was on some kind of drug at the time and if I could see, I know his family had to know more than they talked about.

Too late now for any of them to do anything. One thing for sure, Debbie Rowe can't point fingers at anyone for not helping Michael with his problem without pointing them at herself as well.

443 days ago
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