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'Eastbound & Down'

to Lindsay Lohan

You're F**kin' In!

8/15/2013 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They both experimented with drugs ... they both torpedoed their careers ... and now Lindsay Lohan and Kenny Powers are joining forces on "Eastbound and Down," TMZ has learned.

SPOILER ALERT: sources close to production tell us, Lindsay signed on to play the adult version of Kenny's illegitimate daughter on the HBO series finale ... and she's currently filming on set in North Carolina.

Makes sense Kenny's kid would become Lindsay Lohan. If you recall, Kenny stashed his bong and all sorts of sex toys in the room of his infant son's room at the end of last season.

It's a pretty big opportunity for Lindsay -- her first real acting gig since she left rehab -- because if she's funny, a spin-off could be in the cards. Crazier things have happened.

Now here's a clip of Kenny Powers dancing his face off on ecstasy.


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critics have praised Lohan’s performance as the jaded actress Tara, who finds herself in the crosshairs of her jealous boyfriend’s psychological manipulation.
Oh really! When I watched that little snippet where she is commanding her boyfriend and the other dude to kiss, she was the one being the manipulator. Same as when she told the dude and not the other girl to go down on her boyfriend. She was in command again. Just like in real life, Lindsay was bossing everyone around and just playing herself. Nothing new.

343 days ago

eric wermter    

Kenny's baby is a boy named Toby. How the **** does that grow up into Lindsay Lohan ?

343 days ago


1. Never heard of this show. 2. Wait til we hear some behind the scenes drama(which we will). 3. Who did she do to get this gig? But it is most likely Oprah got her the gig.

Madisyn, I'm refering to rockymtwoman(or whatever she is called) at first she was all "Oh you guys are hilarious" Now she is all defending her.

343 days ago


Lindsay got the gig by going down on the big O.

343 days ago


Well, that's a disappointment. I love that show, one of my favorites. Why they need to crap it up with the likes of a Lohan is beyond me.

This sucks.

343 days ago


Don't forget the 10 pounds the camera puts on you.

If this show isn't already cancelled, her diva stunts and attitude will put the final nail in it.

343 days ago


C'mon, all the PR and hype of how great Lohan was on Chealsea Lately. A rehersed taped 1/2 cable show and after commercials all of about 21-22 minutes of air time.

Not even a week later comes out from the crew what a nightmare Lohan was, making stupid demands and throwing tantrums like she's some hollywood hotshot.

No one ever came out denying that never happened. Where were all the big rating numbers?

343 days ago


Betcha her addy supply is already running

343 days ago


Smart producer..... he already pre-killed the show before Linds could destroy it. Hope this time they film her rolling around on the floor in her own excrement.

343 days ago


@firefly...You watched that show? I'm sorry. Wondering how many takes it took for Lohan to get it right.

Now Lindsay try and read the index cards and look into the correct cameras.

343 days ago


So this means I could actually run into her? I feel like I would get an STD just from walking past her.

343 days ago

Chief Gall    

TV Ratings: Lindsay Lohan Lifts 'Chelsea Lately'
3:50 PM PDT 8/6/2013 by Michael O'Connell
The actress pinch hits for Handler, bringing in the E! series' biggest audience of the year.
The most-watched episode since October 2012, the Chelsea Handler talker delivered 890,000 total viewers. That's up 42 percent from the show's year-to-date average.

very gone.........................

343 days ago


..That show is filmed at the Elloit and Unger EUE Gem studio's down in Wilmington ....they did Iron man 3 and Dawson's Creek there......last time I was there they were just starting out but my friend says they now have a really nice complex of 7 or 8 studio's now and growing.l....but if you like threads and like to follow them upward you will find they lead you back to a familiar name of a power family in Hollywood with a finger in all these pies....LOL and apparently Lindsay at one point in time....

343 days ago


ORGZ, Please, put a boot in your c*&t

343 days ago


I believe that there is a "Waltons/ little House on The Praire remake on the cards. Guess which family is in the front running for the starring role????

343 days ago
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