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Chris Brown

Sentenced to 1,000 MORE HOURS

Of Community Service

8/16/2013 3:30 PM PDT UPDATED: 8/16/2013 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Chris Brown just got his ass handed to him in court -- the judge sentenced him to 1,000 more hours of community labor after the L.A. County D.A. accused him of fudging his records.

As we reported, the D.A. believes the singer violated his probation in the Rihanna beating case by submitting bogus community service reports -- in one case even swearing he was picking up trash in Virginia when he was actually on a private jet to Cancun.

The judge revoked Chris' probation last month in the wake of hit-and-run allegations, but reinstated it today on the condition Chris completes an additional 1,000 hours of community service.

Think of it like a do-over -- because of the discrepancy in Chris' original labor hours, the singer won't get ANY credit for service he may or may not have completed since his conviction. Chris was originally sentenced to 180 days of community labor (1,440 hours).

Unlike last time -- when the judge said Chris could complete his labor in his home state of Virginia -- the judge today ordered that Chris' service must be supervised by L.A. County officials.

Chris can choose between Caltrans (aka highway cleanup), beach cleanup, probation alternative work services (PAWS), or our personal favorite ... graffiti removal.

Chris must also report to a probation officer within the next 48 hours. He did not look happy in court.

The good news ... Chris' probation will finally end in August 2014. One more year to go.



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1000 Hours = 42 Days

411 days ago


For all of you people that hate CB, probably because your upset that he hasn't repeated the incident that happened in 2009. You say you hate for what he did to Rihanna, which again he hasn't repeated. Yet you make stupid comments like "I hope he gets shanked" now who did he kill? He's not endangering lives getting DUI's every week. Yet I haven't such hate directed at Charlie Sheen who has yet to repent but actually made money and gained fans after trashing a hotel causing thousands in damage and traumatizing the female he was with. He bad mouths the 2 1/2 creators, he says whatever he wants and yet corny ass people have nothing to say, so full of ****. Actually I should do a top 10 of men that are older and should be wiser than 23 yr old, who have done and are still doing dirt and don't get the same treatment. Now when you all start treating them all equally in your hate, then I can conversation. Actually I know this may be over your head, but maybe if you weren't so busy hating people you might actual say a prayer that they get their act together, because we know all of you are beyond reproach, a bunch of comment thugs yourselves.

411 days ago


Good tjing he announced hes quitting music two weeks ago.. he needs the time off to work his months of service now

411 days ago


LOL next time he tries to pull that crap I hope they lock his behind up

411 days ago

Kev the Realist    

FANTASTIC. It's about time that this woman beating, angry, gay LOSER gets a real dose of justice. He is a dumb ass and thinks that he is better than everyone else and now his smug ass will finally have to behave within society. I hope he screws up again ( no question that he will) and gte violated bvack to jail for the beating. Ok haters now claim this db should be forgiven for beating the crap out of Rihanna, and throwing a chair throught a window in NYC and all the other things this a$$hole continues to do. He is a basic low life thug wannabee. Let him try this crap in anyplace other than LALA land ( aptly referred to as the land of the fruits and nuts) and she what happens. He would get his ass handed to him... OOORAH

411 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

Do work, Son! And be honest about it this time.

411 days ago


I thought for sure he would have gotten jail time. Silly me!

411 days ago

Suzy Q     

You commit fraud on the court and only get more of what you just lied about?

There's something wrong with this system. He should have just taken jail time and be done with it.

You can write a song about jail, but not about cleaning up a beach. Unless you're the Beach Boys....

411 days ago


Nice. Free pass again...

411 days ago


So I guess he do***ented his own records right. This is complete nonsense. How long must this young man pay for hitting Rhianna? I find it funny that she has forgiven him and the world can't!!

411 days ago


Where is the Lambo for Gerigos now? CB doesn't seem so happy today.

411 days ago


Well at least he ain't in jail

411 days ago


HaHaHaHaHaHa - now why didn't this guy hook up with Kim K?????

411 days ago


If you are Black and especially male this is what they do to you. If you are white and especially female like Lindsay Lohan then you can violate probation as much as you want and the DA wouldn't care.

411 days ago



411 days ago
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