Chris Brown Prosecutors IGNORE Hit-and-Run Victim's Wish To Drop Case

8/15/2013 9:53 AM PDT

Chris Brown -- Prosecutors Ignore Hit-and-Run Victim's Wish to Drop Case


Chris Brown is in a weird legal predicament in his hit-and-run case this morning -- the victim doesn't want him prosecuted, but we've learned the L.A. City Attorney is going full throttle to nail the singer.

As TMZ reported  ... Chris was in a very minor fender bender and left the scene without providing the victim with a California license and other documentation.  The City Attorney filed hit-and-run charges, but the victim then told us she DIDN'T want any money because the damage was so minor and DIDN'T want Brown prosecuted.

The City Attorney still pressed on because the victim hadn't told prosecutors what she told TMZ.  But we've learned on Wednesday prosecutors met with her lawyer, who told them his client wanted the case dropped and didn't want any money.

The case is in court at 10 AM PT and we've learned the City Attorney will still object to a dismissal -- in other words, they want to prosecute Brown for hit-and-run. 

The judge could ignore the City Attorney and dismiss the case.

One final, weird thing.  During the last hearing in the case, we've learned a honcho from the L.A. County D.A.'s Office sat in the peanut gallery.  We're told the D.A. is interested in the case because if Chris is prosecuted it could trigger a probation violation in the Rihanna case.