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50 Cent Lawsuit

I LOST 'Cause I'm Black

8/18/2013 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

50 Cent says he got SCREWED in court recently because the judge was a rap-hating RACIST ... and now he wants the allegedly bias ruling overturned ... this according to court docs.

Earlier this year 50 and company called Sleek Audio were embroiled in a bitter lawsuit. 50 claimed Sleek owed him over $261,000. Sleek said otherwise. The case went to arbitration -- a binding process in which an arbitrator picks the winner.

Bad news for 50, the arbitrator sided with Sleek (the final $$$ judgement was kept under wraps).

But 50 refuses to go gently into that good night ... and is taking the battle to federal court -- claiming the arbitration judge discriminated against him because he's black, associates with controversial African-American figures AND because he's a high profile rap artist.

Specifically ... 50 says the bias ran so deep the judge didn't allow him to cross-examine witnesses and refused to look at evidence pertaining to the case. Pretty bold claims.

He wants the award axed ASAP and is asking for a new hearing ... where he says he'll prove the judge was out to get him from the get go.

Sleek fired back too ... claiming 50's allegations of racism are a desperate attempt to avoid the arbitration decision and get it brought before an actual court.



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i know most of you see Fiddy as a hypocrite in this case... but considering how $200K is change to him, maybe he really did feel he was fairly untreated by the judge.

also, it's not like he has a history of - as some of you bluntly put it - 'pulling out the race card' each time he sues / get sued.

340 days ago


It's always the race crap when they don't get their way. Why is that? You lost because you couldn't prove your case. Don't think this arbitrator is going to loose his job and career over you. Appeal the decision.

340 days ago


I wonder how did the race card play out when he beat up his baby mama? Sounds like he don't want to pay for anything. Associating with white people is a sword that cut both ways 50.

340 days ago


Same old tired lame excuse. This why racism will never go away because blacks cry that word whenever they lose or don't get their way. Remember the old wives tale of 'the boy who cried wolf?' Well, it's the same with blacks except it's now, 'the race who cried racism'.

340 days ago


Really? here is no ethnicity in America more racist than African Americans...shut up, pay up, move on with your life, your talented & successful, your not due entitlement because of your color. Nobody else of any color should be so entitled. Follow the rules or pay the price.

340 days ago


Why is it every time a black person looses at something it is a race thing? Perhaps the facts were against you and you lost. If there is any proof that there is equality in the courts in california look at chris brown, or even better OJ.....He got away with murder!!

340 days ago


Is every black that loses a court case now gonna say its because they are black? It sure as hell sounds like it. Did you ever think you might of lost because your case had no Merritt. Or because you're a thud? It's probably both.

340 days ago


So you chose how it was to be decided and lost.. now you play the race card. Enough Already !!

340 days ago


He also can't act!
How does he snag so many movie roles?

340 days ago


Your attorney should have looked into the background of the judge and if past cases showed signs of racism then your attorney should have filed for another judge. Due Prejudice. There is no more blind faith.

340 days ago


we been burned and hung to trees but guess what we right here! so stop crying like spoiled brats and watch your kids

340 days ago


No, dumbazz, you lost the case because you are a narcissistic snooty patriarchal himbo who lives i a world where the success of a n-word bimbo is measured by how many hoes he can pay and how many blingbling he has. YOU have a true racist attitude!

340 days ago


What you guys don't understand is that racism exists! Just because you aren't or the ppl in your life are not racist doesn't mean its not here in our present life. YES there are blacks that turn to racism every time there is hardship....but that does not represent any entire race or what we go through in everyday life. There are policemen, judges, lawyers, doctors, waiters, military personnel, bosses , coworkers tht are covertly racist in the US. You guys see every instance of racism and assume someone is "pulling a card". NO! It happens, just not to you so there's NO WAY you would understand.

340 days ago


blaks have been enslaved and mistreated for thousands of centuries in america so unless u can walk in their shoes, u really cannot criticize them. blaks cannot be racist becuz they are not the dominant, slavemaster race. wites are.

340 days ago


when ppl dont get there way they all bitch but rich kids will kick and scream if they are rejected and kill they self what a winner get over it we started from nothing now we all in the forbes so we have the attitude i aint supposed to be here which any race will feel like if they been took from there identity.. the people who had theirs should kill yourself if u aint make it.. cause we did!

340 days ago
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