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'Biggest Loser'

Old Trainer Gets the Boot

Replaced By Uncertified Coach

8/18/2013 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The morbidly obese contestants on "The Biggest Loser" -- some of whom are close to death -- will be pushed to the limit by a new trainer who is NOT certified in California ... TMZ has learned.

We've learned Sandy Krum -- who's been on the show since 2007 -- got the boot before Season 15 began taping this summer. He's been replaced by a young gun named Ryan Applegate.

Sources connected with the "Biggest Loser" tell us past contestants and several staff members on the show are extremely upset that Applegate hasn't passed the stringent certification test -- a test that is not required by law but one that many trainers take because it cements their qualifications.

Quick reminder, these aren't your average Joes who are just a tad out of shape ... they're morbidly overweight people -- some of whom tip the scales at more than 500 lbs --  many of whom have extremely high blood pressure and suffer from diabetes.

A rep for the show's production company tells us, "The health and safety of our contestants is our #1 priority and the show is confident that the team of professionals they have hired to work with the contestants are qualified to do so."


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Didn't this Ryan guy have his own show on another network? Or am I thinking of a trainer who looks like him? There was a guy who did one-on-one training with his own show for one or two seasons...he was even worse with the people he worked with...more dangerous than "Biggest Loser." I'm really surprised no one has died on that show yet.

439 days ago

Robert Shaw    

love the shorts and whats in them wish I could afford to hire him as my personall trainer

439 days ago


Look at that dude with the daisy dukes on. LOL

439 days ago


Who cares ???

439 days ago


Does your sister know you stole her jorts?

439 days ago


I haven't read through all the comments, so if I'm repeating pardon me.
Who doesn't think this is an aesthetic thing? I mean lets face it to a large demographic hottie douche guy is more attractive than smart certified guy.
Besides what does the show care if they put peoples lives in danger. Everyone signed a release.

439 days ago



439 days ago


Firstly, I'm fascinated but not really how that show is still around. The media crap fed to Americans and is gobbled up will definitely be a topic of discussion and research years after the country finally morally and intellectually hits rock bottom--which should be at the end of the Obama Era (OE)
Secondly, that Ryan kid doesn't look like he has ever touched a weight and is probably the boy toy of a Hollywood insider--as goes show biz. Frankly, I think whoever his man friend is could do better, but some like them young and soft--and others mean and hard. To each their own.

439 days ago

Mike W    

Sandy, the Certified Athletic Trainer that was fired is a health care professional who was hired to assist in making sure the contestants were safe. This non-certified person is likely a personal trainer who has no health care background or education. The move must have been made to add sex appeal to the show at the risk of participant safety. That is all well and good, just don't call this guy an athletic trainer because he is not.

439 days ago

Mike W    

Sandy, the certified athletic trainer who was fired is a health care professional who was hired to monitor the health status of the participants. This new guy must be hired to add to the sex appeal of the show but not for the participant's benefit. If this is the case, then that's fine, just don't call this new guy an athletic trainer because he does not have the health care background. This appears to be a choice for ratings and not for the safety of the contestants. Sad.....

439 days ago


That guy is too scrawny around the middle. Not a health professional - he'll probably kill one of the contestants - overwork one into a heart attack.

438 days ago


I want to correct this article. What this story is covering is not a "coach" or "trainer," it is about a Certified Athletic Trainer. Athletic Trainers are certified through the Board of Certification which covers many medical certifications. An Athletic Trainer is nothing like the personal trainers you are used to seeing at gyms or on fitness TV programs. An Athletic Trainer typically works with sports programs ensuring there is someone medically qualified to handle emergencies on or off the field, develop programs for injury prevention, and rehabilitation of injuries. The uproar is that Sandy (who is not a televised "trainer" but the medic behind the scenes) is certified through the board deeming a competent and qualified practitioner. I'm not sure what Ryan's qualifications are, but being an active part of the Athletic Training community I have heard of Sandy and his accomplishments but never of this Ryan character. I hope TMZ can put a little more clarification on this story because it seems nobody has the right story and is highlighting the wrong aspect of this controversy and mis-labeling these people. If these story is clarified it can help shine a light on a very important profession who is the center of the movement currently working on adding more Athletic Trainers to areas where they are needed. Such as the recent story of the high school football player who died from a spinal injury sustained during a scrimmage. I know TMZers probably don't care to hear this story, but I figured such a publicly exposed platform would be a great place to drop some knowledge.

438 days ago


That Ryan guy is extremely skinny....nice arms but the mid section is kinda gross.

438 days ago
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