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War Hero Sues KFC

They REFUSED to Serve Me

'Cause of My Service Dog

8/21/2013 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


An American war hero is suing the company behind Kentucky Fried Chicken ... claiming KFC  employees refused to serve him ... all because he arrived to the fast food joint with his registered service dog, this according to a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

The man behind the lawsuit is Charles Hernandez -- who describes himself as a "highly-decorated  and combat-disabled veteran of the Iraq war and a distinguished educator in the New York City school system."

There's more ... he was also New York City Council's Veteran of the Year in 2011 ... and was also "one of the first soldiers to arrive at the World Trade Center site" on September 11, 2001.

So, you'd think the guy would have no problems getting some fried chicken at his leisure, right?

Wrong, according to his new lawsuit filed in NYC.

Hernandez claims he walked into a KFC in NY back in February, along with his registered service dog Valor ... who accompanies Hernandez to soothe his symptoms of post-traumatic stress caused by years in combat.

But instead of being greeted with a smile and some chicken, Hernandez claims a KFC employee told him, "papi, there are no dogs allowed."

Hernandez says he explained that he had the proper permits to have the dog accompany him inside restaurants -- to which the employee replied, "ok, but you still cannot have the dog in the store."

Eventually, Hernandez left ... sans chicken ... and is now firing back with the lawsuit -- demanding at least $1,000,000 for his troubles.

God bless America.

An employee at the KFC restaurant where the incident took place tells us ... when Hernandez arrived with the dog, the animal was not wearing the proper service dog vest and identification.

However, in his lawsuit, Hernandez states -- "Valor wears a bright green vest and tags that clearly indicate that he is not a pet, but rather a highly trained service dog."

Sgt. Hernandez called into TMZ Live today to talk about the suit.



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you don't have to display any kind of tags, I take my service dog out to eat all the time no problems.....

427 days ago


He sure as hell has a thin skin to be a "war Hero".

427 days ago


The average dog is cleaner than the average KFC worker. A KFC workers body is bathed in carcinogenic deep fryer fumes. Dog food is healthier than KFC's "food" too.

427 days ago


Oh Oh, sorry to say this, but i think this dumbazz has made a business out of this sh*t :

He lost the case, $4 million was to much, now he's checking $1 million. Sad!

427 days ago


I hope he gets every penny he's asking for... what the KFC employees did is illegal & immoral.

427 days ago


Wow it is very freaking obvious that there are members of the Westboro Baptist Church on here. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. This is a man who has fought for our country, for our freedom and you want to sit around and insult him by calling him a murderer? That is pure hate right there! The last time I checked there were laws that state that nobody should be denied service when they have a service dog. In fact KFC broke that law and now they are getting sued for it.

427 days ago


How many veterans of Iraq & Afghanistan has TMZ (tm) hired? Of that number, how many have service dogs that are allowed in the TMZ (tm) offices? When will Harvey address this?

427 days ago


Good for KFC!! If you aren't blind and have a seeing eye dog, don't bring dogs into a restaurant. You can tell the guy is a rat (but an honorable rat for serving in the armed forces) when he want a million dollars. Hey pal, how about 10 free chicken sandwiches and then you hit the bricks.

426 days ago


Freaking losers looking for a payout where ever they can. Keeping a doggie around because you are afraid of the dark.. shut up!

426 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

Right to Refuse Service To Anyone!!!!!!
Not saying their choice was correct to not let the dog in but I am saying its the business right to refuse service. If they don't want the dog on their premises its their right.
Hell places have no shirt no shoes no service. Gonna sue them for not serving you too?
Maybe they don't want a dog shaking and fluffing its fur in the air in fear it will get in peoples food causing health lawsuits for animal fur in the food.
Bottom line..Patronize places that accept animals if you chose to bring them with you

426 days ago


Dear Sir, thank you for your service to our country. Now, quit whining.

426 days ago


filing frivolous lawsuits isn't exactly becoming of an American War Hero Veteran

426 days ago

Obamais still aracist    

what happens to those who are allergic to pet dander to bad get out, whose illness is more important

426 days ago


He didn't have the dog with it's proper attire. I can't wait for the video. It's like a seeing-eye dog, this one is to 'sooth the PTSD'. bhahah

426 days ago


Put the dog outside and order your meal then you crybaby! Better yet, get in the car and go through the drive thru you crybaby!

426 days ago
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