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I Missed Wiz's Wedding

'Cause I Was Too High

8/22/2013 7:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

082213_currency_launch_v2They say weed can make you forget things ... like when your REALLY good friend is getting married -- just ask rapper Curren$y who blew off Wiz Khalifa's nuptials because he was too baked.

Curren$y -- a huuuge rapper who's worked with everyone from Snoop to Lil Wayne, Master P and, most famously, his close friend Wiz Khalifa -- was in NY for a hip hop awards show when he dropped a truth bomb about why he wasn't around when Wiz tied the knot with Amber Rose

"We were totally like baked and I totally just smoked off my appearance," Curren$y said ... adding, "But he knows it's love and we definitely spoke and it's all good."

If anyone would understand, it's Wiz ... who's equally passionate about the green stuff. Just ask that one guy at the airport ...



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Are you sure? He sure doesn't look like the kind of guy who would do drugs and shirk his responsibilities. Does he?

390 days ago

Leopold butters Stotch     

Who is this ghoul? Any doofus can slap on a goofy nickname and call himself a rapper these days.

390 days ago


It's dumfux like this that cause people who don't know a lot about marijuana think it's something far worse than it is. Idiots are idiots, high or not. Thanks for setting the cause back 20 yrs you ignorant turd.

390 days ago


With that mouth, I bet he absolutely can maul corn on the cob. I am sure he practically digests his girlfriend in a kiss. Hum.... but wait, that mouth may not be too bad for her after all + his $ makes it a decent deal afterall.

390 days ago



390 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i mean if people talked about aspirin and tylenol the way they glorify weed /marijuana, you'd be like: uh, me thinks you have some drug problems... if someone said to me: oh, i pop like 20 tylenol per day, and that makes me high as a kite, and i can't stop, or don't want to, because it makes me feel soo guud', i'd be pretty sure they have a drug problem. but when they do this with weed, it's 'funny'.. not to me. sure, go ahead and smoke all the weed you want, but don't act like you don't have a drug problem, and don't act like it's carefree. there's like this whole medical industry interested in creating as many addicts as possible 'before' they freakin 'legalize' this crap. guaranteed customers.

390 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

and on that note.. how many black dudes do you know growing in hydroponics? and how many 'genius college boys' do you know who grow hydroponics? guess whose pocket your (even welfare) dollars is going to be going directly into? these 'degree college bros' are 1.too lazy to get a job, and 2 don't have the necessary back bone to hold a well or decent paying job to support their livestyles, and 3. have 'rich parents' or enough so to fund them in some mediocre enterprise, so they are looking for the 'next best moron(s) to pay them millions, a fortune, so they can kick back and enjoy their lives doing absolutely nothing. really. how many rappers actually grow their own weed, and how many of them spend thousands on it? probably zero to EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM. that's about how many. and how many of their fans will imitate them and purchase millions of tons of weed? yeah, about that many. i'm just saying.. before you go crying 'evil whitey wolf' in ten years for 'getting you addicted and high on marijuana', and now your whole community is broke and homeless, don't say no one warned you.

390 days ago


Is this really what black parents want their kids to admire and emulate? God, I hope not.

390 days ago


Who wants to go to weddings, ever, anyways? Boring! I would rather stay home too. And that's the real story!

390 days ago


My God these rappers are f***ign idiots.

390 days ago


1st time you guys have reported Spitta on here TMZ, I'm soooo happy haha thanks

390 days ago



389 days ago
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