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Marvin Gaye's Son

You Can Bet We're Gonna Sue Over 'Blurred Lines'

8/22/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Marvin Gaye
's son is out for blood in his war with Robin Thicke, telling "TMZ Live" he resents Thicke's lawsuit against the Gaye estate over "Blurred Lines" ... and is strongly insinuating he plans to respond with legal action of his own.

Marvin Gaye III dropped us a line Wednesday, and he's not happy ... basically saying Thicke has disrespected the Gaye family by shamelessly lifting his father's famous tunes for the hit song (plus many other Thicke tracks).

As you know, Thicke has filed a lawsuit against the Gaye estate, asking a judge to head off any legal action from the Gayes by ruling "Blurred Lines" does NOT violate Marvin's copyrights.

Marvin III says Thicke's lawsuit is a total slap in the face.

Marvin III hedged when we asked flat out if he plans to sue Thicke for copyright infringement ... but the message was clear.



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Robin Thickes back up females look alot like Robert Palmers act from more than 10 years ago!

373 days ago


does anybody else think Marvin Jr sounds like Mike Tyson

373 days ago


Oh WOW! That's just flat out copying! Why didn't he just ask them for permission before he did it? He's going to look like a jack ass when he loses. I'm sure all the tweens don't think he copied because they all think that everything all these new pseudo singers make now a days is original.

373 days ago

Yung Magik    

I am sure Robin's legal team has made some offers in which Marvin Gaye's family rejected because it was a low offer. I don't understand why he didn't clear the samples and pay royalties. He will still make money touring and from endorsments plus he's already rich his dad and his wife WTF?

373 days ago


Like Vanilla Ice said ...Their song went ding, ding, ding , ding, ding , ding ,ding , ding and his song went ding , ding, ding, ding, tick, ding , ding , ding, ding!

373 days ago

who dat    

Blurred lines is such a terrible song i couldn't put up with listening to half of it. Even watching the x-rated version with the naked girls. If they weren't naked, i doubt i could have put up with 30 seconds.

373 days ago


Marvin Gaye will always be great but its a new generation though Robin Thicke should pay for the beats if its the same as for the lyrics they are not the same, so what's so wrong with looking up to the person you admire, these people just want money just sad how people get when money is involved!

373 days ago


Has he heard Wale's Love Hate Thing??? Where is the outrage/lawsuit in that one? Guess he just decided to go with the most popular one...hmmm....

And the tracks are a bit similar, but not the same.

Robin Thicke, Pharell, and T.I. have MORE than enough money to pay royalties if needed. In addition, all three men have enough class to do so if that is what they were doing...these aren't rip off artists. All three of these men are original.

373 days ago


Nikki Wilbur is right. Million Dollar Baby/Trouble Man are the exact same melody, and he should have to pay. Nicole Miller is right too. If Thicke would have just gone on a television program and talked about how Marvin's music was his inspiration, the money from Trouble Man (that he should have already payed) and the increased record sales of Marvins albums after Thickes endorsement on national television would have been enough to keep the Gaye family happy. Thicke don't make us white people look like money grubbing a$$holes, we have the financial industry for that.

373 days ago



373 days ago


Holy **** has anyone ever heard of the website sounds like. Artist have been doing this for years. Sadly no one seems be original anymore these days. Never the less SHAME on you Robin thicke **** you. Just thru out my copy of blurred lines.

372 days ago


Give Marvin Gayes family there money ! So amazing how other artists want to claim the rights of sooooo many of the greatest artists of history and won't give them credit or ask for permission to use them !

371 days ago


that is a song from Michael Jackson's vault. I am sure he did not intend for it to get into the hands of others without his consent...

332 days ago

Gerald Truesdale    

To anyone that reads this comment about lawsuite against Marvin Gaye the 3rd of blurred lines marvin gayes son has the right to sue Robbin Thick because no lawyer in their right mind would try to fight the copy rights of any song that resides within the Library of congress in Washington D.C. Which is protected by intellecual property rights,therefore Robbin Thick violated by not asking MARVIN Gaye the 3rd for promission to sample the music of Give it up by his father.Which means that the case go's to Federal court,and Robbin THick and his lawyer's sholuld know this being that he is in the music business. because it's not only about getting up on stage singing a song and shaking your ass, you got to know about the music business, entertainment law.

279 days ago

Gerald Truesdale    

For anyone that continues to read on in the ever going battle of who made what,what they should get and so on Just know this, I Should be Marvin Gaye's Attorney because noone knows a damn thing about anything!!!!. Who owns the Master Recordings of GIVE IT UP?!?. When Marvin the 3d's father passed away, who was getting the Royalties from the song of give it up?!?,and if anyone came along to make a to make a song using the music of a person's original sound track, and Master Recordings knowing good and Damn well that a Family member of Gaye's is getting paid the Royalties when he died, does anyone in this world really think that the Foundation of Motown or any other record lable that Marvin Gaye was on would really crumble all because a Young Buck comes Along uses Gayes music of Give it up turnning it into an up-beat song and has a number one hit?!? Robin Thick and his lawyers are out of their damn minds!!!!!!! Cause guess what all readers, all of dead legends of motown and all of the living legends of motown knows what there is about the Music Business. If anything, Robin Thick and all his lawyers needs to go to the grave site of Marvin Gaye and Apologizie! Because I personaly know one Motown Legend that will back up Marvin Gaye's Son if I CAN HOOK UP WITH HIM!!!!.,AND Robin Thick and all of his Lawyers DO-NOT WANY THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

254 days ago
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