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Lindsay Lohan

Danny McBride Wants YOU!

8/24/2013 12:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
was such a pro on the set of "Eastbound & Down" ... its star Danny McBride wants to take her talents with him ... to a show he's developing for HBO.

Sources close to LL tell TMZ ... while guest starring on "E&D" Danny -- a.k.a. Kenny Powers -- and LiLo really hit it off. Danny was so impressed with her work he had several serious talks with her on set about a new show. He wants her to star in it.

We're told the show is being developed by McBride and his producing partner Jody Hill. It will be in the same comedic vein as "Eastbound" ... but revolve around a high school.

Our sources say Lindsay loves the idea and is hoping it works out.

A gig like this could help erase LiLo's last few performances -- "The Canyons" and "Liz & Dick" -- and put her back on track to having a real career.


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Oh Maddy don't talk about RW like that you know one day I'm going take him for a ride down the side of my mountain in my wheelchair and hold him really tight and squeeze him and use him as a cushion when we hit bottom.....and just like the slug he is he will protect me from harm while he explodes from the impact like a big bag of jello.....only he will be slimy not sweet........

402 days ago


The gays are always the most unhinged haters here (or anywhere really). Their posts stand out so much. Just full of so much venom. They are such bitter people.

402 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Rouge Wearer, Rouge Wearer
Your panties are in a bunch
Just take me upstairs
And have me for lunch

You live like a hermit
Don't be such a loner
Don't you just know
That you give me a boner?

It may be your wit
That I keep on reading
But what really turns me on
is you're a product of inbreeding.

So put down that keyboard
You sexy old soul
Under the August moonlight
You and me gotti roll.

402 days ago

Chief Gall    

Go Londsay, go!!!!! This is a test. If she screws up, she deserves the wrath of the media and the public. Most likely she will not screw up. Her desire for redemption is very strong, obviously. And her acting skill is above average, obviously. Haters can't see that. But haters can't see most things that are real and obvious, so wtf. LOL!!!! Another step up the ladder. How many steps thus far? I lost count. MAXIMUM LOL!!!!!!

402 days ago


With her looks and voice...... I'd totally believe she's a high school student.....LOL!
More like the 60 year old, chain smokin' cafeteria worker!!!!

402 days ago


Our resident hate-checkers should take a hike to They will find intelligent, insightful and UPBEAT posters there, like:

*8 years ago—WOW!!!!!!!! Lindsay still looks like the same young lady—demure and a Fashion Plate!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!

*WOW!!!! The average price of these shoes is $2000 a pair!!! AMAZING!!!! Only the best for Lindsay!!!! xoxoxoxoxo!!!!

*This was almost 10 years ago. xxoxox!!!!!!!!! We would love to see clips from Herbie Fully Loaded too!!! WOW!!!

402 days ago


Look she had to have something to put on the IMP or whatever you call it she make up this so she would have something ....sort of like in high school for the that your name is not setting there on the page all on it lonesome you made up stuff like ..voted most like to win the best dressed whore at the homecoming dance...and made up stuff like winner of the Cannes film festival....and in little itty bitty letters have Cannes , South Carolina..... that kind of thing..... oh I got one most flexible in the back of a car seat.....

402 days ago


Has anybody checked her IMBD page yet, wouldn't put it past the SLAG to post a " in-production" lie already. LMAO!

402 days ago



402 days ago


Ahhhhhh did I hurt your feelings.....Im not sorry........Shake little slug I got something for ya.....Morton's Finest.....

402 days ago


Reportedly, Linds was arrested again this morning at 3:03 am in Newark, NJ after she was caught ramming her leased (stolen) Porsche Panamera into a local clam shack. "I don't care if they're closed", rasped Linds. "If I want clam, I'll have clam, even if I have to burn the city to the ground to get it".

While onlookers gawked, Linds continued to attempt to gain entry into the beachside establishment, handcuffed and reeking of vodka. "I'm Lindsay Lohan! You can't do this to me" she continued to shriek, even after she had been stung with pepper spray and a Taser after which she rolled around on the pavement and soiled herself..

A spokesperson from Fantastic Clams left the scene without comment, but DUIna (and AA Aliana, too) - who just happened to be nearby when the ruckus began - claimed that "people need to get a job. This is nothing but propaganda. Now I have to play hardball".

Linds’ “close friends for years“ were interviewed via Twitter and at the Clam Ahoy and the Cameltown lesbian bars, and most communicated disinterest. "She wouldn't know how to stay out of trouble and tell the truth if it slapped her in her wrinkled face. God, what a snatch", said one insider. "And she's going bald, too. Ha".

Linds, who routinely scoffs at felonies, said that she wasn't worried about her latest setback. "This isn't (expletive deleted). If they only knew what I just...." - and then she stopped commenting, for some reason. Her spokesperson - named only as NICOLE - also made no comment, but was behaving as though this was all some kind of conspiracy.

The mortal public will have to wait to see how this all pans out. Her attorney La’Shawn Holley made the following statement before she exited the confusing scene in a stretch-Escalade: “I never make self-serving comments on an ongoing case. You know that”.

402 days ago


My poor ankles are about the size of my knee caps tonight so I have to go to bed and put them up in the air....its been fun ....Got a glass of milk a good book and my goodnight........and have fun ......

402 days ago


You reminded me of a cute little sayin' about mountain speak that someone showed me when I was little...LMAO!
C M Puppies
M not Puppies
Yes M R
L I B.....dem R Puppies....C M P N!

402 days ago



Yes, they REMOVED the fake Ben Afleck movie from her imdb profile, and REMOVED her from the movie profile!!!! LMAO!!!

402 days ago


Just got back from bathing my dogs.
🎉🎉🎉Melissa you are back in Greenwich!!! I'm so happy for you. 🎉🎉🎉

402 days ago
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