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President Barack Obama

Big Tippin'

Spendin' G's

8/25/2013 12:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The leader of the free world President Barack Obama has done something only great men do ... he tipped his server ON TOP of already added gratuity. He DOUBLE TIPPED!

Obama stopped for lunch in Rochester, NY Thursday at a little deli called Magnolia's. It was widely reported that the Prez ate a grilled cheese and some cream of tomato soup. Big stuff.

But what you didn't know ... Obama not only bought lunch for his secret service men (the ones who checked the place for WMD's before hand) ... he also double tipped his waiter, like a champ.

TMZ obtained a copy of the receipt ... his total bill for 9 people was $89.84. The restaurant added a 20% tip for the large party -- $16.64 -- but Obama felt more needed to be done. He gave an additional $30.

In total, B.O. left a 52% tip.

So, we gotta ask ...



No Avatar


Hospital food looks so much BETTER !

401 days ago


He is spending yo money hillbilly.

401 days ago

Ken Adams    

I can guarantee you two things:

1. He didn't even realize the tip was already included.
2. "Company" credit card; not even his money

401 days ago


He probably remember s eating at the medici and watching some of the waitstafg get the penny tip.God Bless our President

401 days ago


Most of you are so financially and politically incompetent, first the president (regardless whose in office) is given an expense allowance secondly that generous tip went to the pocket of some hard working American who is going to turn it around and back in to the economy we all rely on. Thirdly if we are going to get all up in arms about reckless spending why don't we add about nine zeros to that restaurant bill.

401 days ago


Why the surprise ? Obama has been overspending and wasting our tax money ever since he moved in the White House, all liberals are big spenders when it's other people's money. Obama is living large while the rest of the country suffers.

401 days ago


Is this really news?

401 days ago


Our prez have a few fast food joints he hits up , like this one he couldn't resist.


401 days ago


This is the best he can do - all presidency terms - than great! Just great! Hope all of you that voted him in the second time are so proud of the zero- oops I mean hero you voted for. The "diner tip" prez!

401 days ago


That is pretty sad for 9 people. If they give you free food, give a much bigger tip. Those people aren't known for tipping.

401 days ago


This is not a generous gesture idiots. First, if he were the Hollywood star he pretends to be, that's a lousy tip. Second, that's our tax dollars paying for that and his million dollar weekly vacations.

401 days ago

Barry Soetoro    

What about adding$10 trillion to the national debt?

401 days ago


So who cares?

401 days ago


Are people that stupid? He's tipping with tax payer dollars!! It doesn't come out of his own pocket. If America was paying for my restaurant bill, I'd be tipping 100%, not a measly 51%.

401 days ago

Hannah J    

Since when did America get a law that says it's just okay to not respect someone based on what you think you know and about what someone else has told you? ooo may we just decided to misconstrue our freedom of speech for just straight out being a**holes! Ma'ma didn't raise no fools lol
Get off your high horse people and PLEASE do go out there and tip your waiters and waitresses more than the bill requires you to and then insult someone else that you think you know everything about. It's okay to think about other people in this life other than yourselves :)

401 days ago
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