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Bieber Paparazzo Death

Photog's Mom Sues CHP

Cops Killed My Son

8/26/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The mother of the paparazzo who was struck and killed by a car back in January -- after chasing Justin Bieber's Ferrari -- is suing the California Highway Patrol, claiming it's the cops' fault her son is dead.

Vickie Guerra -- mother of 29-year-old photog Chris Guerra -- claims in her suit a CHP officer abused his authority by ordering Chris to unsafely cross a busy street.

TMZ broke the story ... Chris had been photographing Bieber's white Ferrari while CHP deputies were writing the driver -- Lil Twist -- a ticket for speeding on the 405 Freeway.

In her lawsuit, Vickie claims the CHP officer noticed her son snapping photos and in a threatening manner, gesturing with his gun, the cop ordered Chris to keep his distance by crossing the street.

Vickie says her son obliged and was struck by a car traveling in excess of 40-50mph. Vickie says her son flew over the first car and was immediately run-over by a second car.

Vickie is suing the CHP and the State of California for unspecified damages. She's also suing the driver of the car that hit Chris.

Reps for the CHP had no comment.


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Jackie Marquez     

DAMN IT! I thought JB already passed! >:( but no! It's about some kid who died from getting run over, R.I.P even though I don't know the guy.

425 days ago

wee to low    

Soo sorry for the lose of a life cut so short chasing a punk kid r.I.p

425 days ago


Sorry, but that lawsuit is going nowhere.

425 days ago


I hope this gets thrown out. The idiot was where he shouldn't have been, he was in a busy street taking pictures of a stupid kid. It's not the drivers fault that hit him and it's not the cops fault and it's not beibers fault, it's the paparazzis fault. This woman needs to get it through her head that her kid screwed up, it's sad but it's his own fault and she needs to quit trying to blame everyone else for it.

425 days ago


the loss has set in and the mother got ngry now and is suing now.?

8 months later?
you teach your kid to play and run in traffic you better teach your kid you will die running and playing and chasing others in traffic too.

425 days ago


All the racist a holes say its his fault its not hope the lady gets millions

425 days ago

Max Smart    

I tend to avoid walking in front of deadly oncoming traffic, no matter who tries to make me. This lady is grasping at straws. Sometimes when people die, it really is an accident, or death-by-stupidity. You can't always blame someone else.

425 days ago

People Annoy Me    

The guy's life wasn't worth Justin Bieber photos. This still is a somewhat sad story.
Sorry ma but in the end, your son was in the wrong place at the wrong time. No one is to blame here.

425 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

Did he use a crosswalk or stupid walk out in the middle of the street? Did he wait for the walk light or recklessly run into the street to not miss a shot of bieber? Did he look both ways? No he was a stupid kid with his eyes on biebers car instead of traffic. The person that hit the kid should sue the parent for doing such a poor job or raising a child. Her bad child raising damaged his car.

425 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

Stupid people die in stupid people ways.

425 days ago


No,your son is dead because his dumbass walked right out in traffic after the police told him to leave. Paparazzi are s*** who professionally stalk celebrities.

424 days ago


So you have this person driving along 100 percent sober and someone walls out in front of their car on a highway it's their fault? The driver of that car is just as much a victim as the man killed. The cop could have had a bit more tack. Is their proof he told him to cross the street or back up? Where are the witnesses that say he used his gun to ORDER him across the street in the dark in the middle of a busy highway? Who made him run around in the road to get to the car in the first place? She's grieving and she has no case. Specially not at the innocent driver in all this.

424 days ago


Your son is dead because he is a s***bag... apparently, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, you money grubbing loser.

424 days ago


Ones actions has consequences. Imagine that.

424 days ago


The photog's dead because he's an idiot. Even 5-year-old kids know to look both ways before crossing the street.

424 days ago
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