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Bieber Paparazzo Death

Photog's Mom Sues CHP

Cops Killed My Son

8/26/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The mother of the paparazzo who was struck and killed by a car back in January -- after chasing Justin Bieber's Ferrari -- is suing the California Highway Patrol, claiming it's the cops' fault her son is dead.

Vickie Guerra -- mother of 29-year-old photog Chris Guerra -- claims in her suit a CHP officer abused his authority by ordering Chris to unsafely cross a busy street.

TMZ broke the story ... Chris had been photographing Bieber's white Ferrari while CHP deputies were writing the driver -- Lil Twist -- a ticket for speeding on the 405 Freeway.

In her lawsuit, Vickie claims the CHP officer noticed her son snapping photos and in a threatening manner, gesturing with his gun, the cop ordered Chris to keep his distance by crossing the street.

Vickie says her son obliged and was struck by a car traveling in excess of 40-50mph. Vickie says her son flew over the first car and was immediately run-over by a second car.

Vickie is suing the CHP and the State of California for unspecified damages. She's also suing the driver of the car that hit Chris.

Reps for the CHP had no comment.


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Another self entitled human being blaming their problems on other people. Just like Tom Cruise said...squirrels stuck in an electric fence! Humans are the only species to blame their problems on others. Even Chimps take responsibility for their own actions. If your on a highway, you're probably going to get hit!

431 days ago


Another example of why they need paparazzi laws. The guys stand in traffic, stand in front of cars with celebs inside so they can't pull out, get their feet ran over for a paycheck, chase cars while speeding to catch a shot, mob stars and their children to where they can't even move. try doing that to normal citizens and what would happen?

431 days ago


Your son was s***....F all paps. They cause dangerous situations all day long with celebs....what if it was reversred and it was the celeb then its no big deal. ....s*** . . . And stay away from the kids...

431 days ago


Shocked that she's not trying to sue bieber.

431 days ago


I'm sorry, but was his mother THERE? How the hell does she know this crap? He obviously didn't tell her that after the accident cause he was uh...dead.

431 days ago


Unleas the mom was there i dont see how she would of known what the cop said or did. also i find it hard to believe the cop told him he had to cross thethats extra paperwork he has to deal with busy street right then and there with oncoming traffic...

431 days ago

Carol guerra    


431 days ago


uhhmmm lady....stupidity killed your son.....

431 days ago


Good, one less s***bag Pap in the world. HA HA

431 days ago

Carol guerra    

To all you haters who were also not there,, there is video dash cams with audio , there is police reports with the CHP officer saying at least two different versions. Think about this Beibers car was driving recklessly thru the roads in Ca. that is why they were stopped . The driver of the car was not the registered owner of the vehicle . Now it that we're me or you we would at the least get a ticket,,, So much the public does not know about other things that will come out. Now my nephew Chris was obeying the law was in a safe and LEGAL spot in public while working as Paps work hard to get story's. So the CHP let's the law breaker go and pursues Chris, Why??? Is there something in his camera incriminating to the CHP? Hum. Why did CHP aggressively go after Chris who was not breaking laws? The driver of the car , does the public know if she was on or not on medication or impaired when she hit Chris , Does the public know if she was speeding , no you do not know this. My nephew was cautious intelligent and knew his rights within the law, he DID NOT RUN into the unsafe street by choice , Does the public know if he was being chased in n intimidating manner by the CHP? No you do not . How easy to HATE on a dead photog , Many other pho tags are being attacked n slammed by celebs , WHY they are public figures of interest , it goes with the territory . My nephew Chris Guerras name will be vindicated , his death will not have been in vain. Our family his parents sister and brothers have suffered a deep loss , Chris had a girlfriend with whom had planned a life with. He did not deserve to be killed. This family WILL NOT STOP IN CLEARING HIS NAME. To the extent possible the TRUTH WILL COME OUT.

431 days ago


this woman isn't going to beat the CHP. Good luck proving this one lady. lol

431 days ago

todd lee    

Oh jesus..shes suing the driver of the car? Your dipsh*t son was in the steeet, honey. Good luck with winning a penny.

431 days ago

anung rama    

same mentality as treyvon martins parents, "my sons dead, pay me!!" friggin leech

431 days ago


Looks like his mom gets a "Darwin Award" too. At least that idiot didnt get a chance to breed

431 days ago


Ok how can the cop and ALSO the driver of the car be guilty at the same time?

431 days ago
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