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Justin Bieber


You're Not Licensed to Drive Here

8/28/2013 8:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber was pulled over in Calabasas this morning for driving like an a-hole -- and during the stop, cops discovered the pop star shouldn't have been on the road in the first place ... 'cause he's NOT licensed to drive in California, TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... cops noticed Justin's white Ferrari blowing through a stop sign near his Calabasas home around 4:30 AM Wednesday morning.

We're told Justin was cooperative during the stop -- but cops noticed that JB did not have a valid California driver's license, something new residents of the state are required to have within 10 days of moving to CA. 

FYI -- Justin bought his Calabasas home at the end of June.

Sources say Justin was cited for running the stop sign and for driving without a valid California License. JB was ordered to get out of the driver's seat -- and his passenger was allowed to drive the car home.

If Justin wants to get back behind the wheel -- he'll be required to hit up the DMV first and obtain the proper CA driver's license ... and if he wants to make that happen by the end of the day, he should probably get in line now.

Calls to Bieber's reps have not been returned.



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What I don't understand is why TMZ has to put a spotlight on every single move Justin makes. Yeah, he has done a few things wrong but honestly, is it the public's business? Just because he's famous doesn't mean he isn't a real person. He's a 19 year old boy who's childhood was put on hold. Of course he's going to act out a little bit. He hasn't done anything severely wrong. He hasn't been showing up at award shows or anything because he's trying to get out of the spotlight, yet you people STILL can't stop talking about him! It's ridiculous!

360 days ago


Stupid kid. Really stupid jerk of a kid. ha, ha!!

360 days ago


I think Justin beaver is Miley Cyrus in drag I just can't wait till someone knocks him out he's just a lil punk

360 days ago


This kid is such an effin' douchebag. Seriously.

360 days ago


How many times have they pulled over this idiot and till now they realize he has no license to drive in California really? I love cops!! Idiots!!

360 days ago


it's a pity it was nurse sharks, instead of great whites, that he swam with...
just think of how many would cheer the sharks, so we would have to see the mental midget get away with another traffic issue yet again...

360 days ago


Justin pays more in date taxes than probably everyone on this comment section combined. Slap him with a ticket and move on. I'm not a fan of justin but in reality he contributes more to the state of cali than anyone else so he should probably be commended for that.

360 days ago



360 days ago


And then we will be having (haven't read the comments yet) the little Dweebs defending this little POS saying EVERYONE does it. Yeah? If everyone jumped off a bridge would you do it too? BTW, almost forgot one thing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, the little peckerwood got popped. LMAO

360 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

I'd love to be right behind him in line at the DMV. I'd just begin insulting him until he started whimpering and crying. What's he gonna do? Try to go up against ME? Ha ha, little douche would get badly injured.....

360 days ago


Picked up at 4:30....prob. got off easy, most likely messed up on something.

360 days ago


Big sigh.......!!! again, really?? There are just some times when you're just embarrassed that he's from Canada. He's most definitely not representing Canada, not me, nor anyone I know.
I used to be proud, at one time, knowing that Justin was Canadian, but he can't apply for US citizenship fast enough for me.
I just beg of you, please DON'T deported him. Please, don't send him back.....enough is enough!!
As a Canadian, "are my cheeks red"?!!!! you bet!

360 days ago


You mean the cops didn't smell alcohol or weed, and bust his scrawny ass?? Celeb just y'all!

360 days ago


That's bull crap. My brother was pulled over once for supposedly running a stop sign even though he was sitting there for like 10 seconds looking around because the passenger told him the cop was looking. Once the cop pulled him over, his buddies all came to harass and when they found nothing against my brother, they decided to bring up bullsh*t warrants to have him thrown in jail and his car impounded, even though his friend and I were both there and perfectly capable of driving his car home for him. My brother was out of jail within 10 minutes of arriving there. He didn't even get a ticket for running the stop sign. Still had to pay to get his car though. We are Black by the way.. I dunno if that had anything to do with it but..

360 days ago


If he had blown through the stop sign he would have been arrested. I would guess about 80% of the people in the US have gotten a citation from law enforcement of some type.

360 days ago
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