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Lamar Odom

Not the Only NBA Drug User

8/29/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom is not the only basketball player who was high on drugs during the season -- not by a long shot, TMZ has learned.

Multiple NBA-connected sources tell TMZ ... the big problem is that the league is only allowed to test players 4 times during a season.  Because testing is randomized, the last test can be administered as early as January, and the season lasts for months thereafter.  As one recently-retired NBA player put it, after the 4th test, "It's like Christmas Day.  We can take whatever we want."

One NBA-connected source says pot is "ubiquitous" in the sport.  The source adds, however, that most athletes who indulge do so in moderation so it doesn't have a perceptible impact on their performance.  An NBA rep tells us ... weed is not only prevalent, it's hardly hidden -- he says the hotel rooms where the players stay, and even the halls, have the telltale smell.

The players we've spoken with all agree ... pot is prevalent.  But some of the players say Lean -- Sprite and Codeine cough syrup -- has become a recreational drug of choice during the season.  One player said it was even used during the recent playoffs.

One current and famous player tells TMZ, he estimates 30% of his fellow NBAers use hard drugs -- including Molly, Ecstasy, and Lean --  at some point during the season.  He says he's never been aware of anyone doing cocaine during the season. 

Another current and famous player tells us he estimates only 10% of NBA players use hard drugs, and no one uses cocaine during the season -- it's too risky.  He also says Lean is a drug of choice.

An NBA source agrees -- he estimates 10-15% of the players use hard drugs during the season.

One NBA insider believes the drug use problem has gotten better over the last 5 years because of social media.  He says players have been burned because pictures of them doing things they shouldn't be show up on Instagram and Facebook, and it's inhibited them.


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Why is it everyone acts all surprised when one of these pampered egotistical athletes goes off the rails with drugs. Why is it so hard to believe that these overpaid entertainers do things and then act like they are above the rules that we all have to live by. We created these morons by idolizing them for being good at something most of us are not. However, aside from entertaining us what do theses people do, besides act all self important...nothing....

422 days ago


Wow he gets to smoke all that crack yummy lucky bastard I can't even afford to f****** take a day off

422 days ago


Sounds like a bunch of over paid losers finding ways to entertain themselves and kill their misery!! Money def. doesn't buy you happiness!!!!

422 days ago


Yet another reason I hate the NBA! Losers.

422 days ago


This could be a huge story if the sources weren't "a super duper, really really famous ball player I won't name"

422 days ago

Gsharon 710    

I think a real crack addict would have punched his wife in the face for trying to throw mud in public. Maybe that is what TMZ and Kris is trying to get him to do. You are playing with fire, and to bring a whole team into this is going to create more dislike for the family that cannot seem to survive unless one of the daughters is headline news bashing a man that SHE chose to spread-em for, before she was sure of the man's last name. Kris needs to tend to her own marriage and those two young daughters who are fastly becoming known for showing their bodies.

422 days ago


Stop hating whitey talkin slick with a lebron jersey on an 2k13 in the Xbox...lol

422 days ago


America is full of drug use. sports are no different. Legalize It. Stop the hypocrisy.

422 days ago



422 days ago


NFL players getting in trouble every day for real crimes and you think the NBA has a problem. i wonder why

422 days ago

mitchell farkas    

Why he big surprise - sell crack on the streets, get a bunch of money for doing nothing constructive, and get some white women and do some more crack. can't take the ghetto out of the jig.

422 days ago


Lamar is not a crack user. I can see sport meds or steroids (due to his knees) but crack no. As for Kris, she better pay attention to her own household. Things aren't so great there either. Khloe is a big girl. If she wants a divorce, she knows how to file but she doesn't. I still think that this story is blown out of proportion. Something does not seem true. Oh, TMZ stop with the so called "sources". Name them especially the ones that are really known, important and famous.

422 days ago


Is the TMZ staff randomly drug tested? Is your OSHA log easily accessible for public viewing? Do the California field employees participate in the DOT program? Has a Fire Marshall inspected your building? When was your last fire drill and were you fined? Why are your employees not provided with ergonomic chairs and adjustable work stations? What is your insurance rating?

422 days ago

She's baaaack    

That Pimp Bitch is going to piss off the wrong person and end up like her friend Nicole Simpson did.

422 days ago

Wesley Pipes    

Who gives a ****! If players do use drugs, that doesn't affect society in any way, shape, or form. In fact, I will gladly pay to see dudes high on crack playing some ball. Makes it more interesting.

422 days ago
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