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Lamar Odom

Not the Only NBA Drug User

8/29/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom is not the only basketball player who was high on drugs during the season -- not by a long shot, TMZ has learned.

Multiple NBA-connected sources tell TMZ ... the big problem is that the league is only allowed to test players 4 times during a season.  Because testing is randomized, the last test can be administered as early as January, and the season lasts for months thereafter.  As one recently-retired NBA player put it, after the 4th test, "It's like Christmas Day.  We can take whatever we want."

One NBA-connected source says pot is "ubiquitous" in the sport.  The source adds, however, that most athletes who indulge do so in moderation so it doesn't have a perceptible impact on their performance.  An NBA rep tells us ... weed is not only prevalent, it's hardly hidden -- he says the hotel rooms where the players stay, and even the halls, have the telltale smell.

The players we've spoken with all agree ... pot is prevalent.  But some of the players say Lean -- Sprite and Codeine cough syrup -- has become a recreational drug of choice during the season.  One player said it was even used during the recent playoffs.

One current and famous player tells TMZ, he estimates 30% of his fellow NBAers use hard drugs -- including Molly, Ecstasy, and Lean --  at some point during the season.  He says he's never been aware of anyone doing cocaine during the season. 

Another current and famous player tells us he estimates only 10% of NBA players use hard drugs, and no one uses cocaine during the season -- it's too risky.  He also says Lean is a drug of choice.

An NBA source agrees -- he estimates 10-15% of the players use hard drugs during the season.

One NBA insider believes the drug use problem has gotten better over the last 5 years because of social media.  He says players have been burned because pictures of them doing things they shouldn't be show up on Instagram and Facebook, and it's inhibited them.


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No Avatar


Lamar Odom
Not the Only NBA Drug User........................i Fell Asleep Reading This

420 days ago


So far I have not herd any solid evidence that Lamar has done Drugs in the last two years. This is all coming at the end of Kris Kardashian Talk Show run, and Fox has not picked the show up yet. This to me is a False Show idea incase the talk show gets picked up.

420 days ago


"Lamar Odom is not the only basketball player who was high on drugs during the season -- not by a long shot, TMZ has learned.".........GEE YA THINK? quite the investigative report ...LOLOL

420 days ago


the testing is weak, I don't think the teams owners and coaches really want to know if any player is doing drugs. they are only concerned with winning and making the big bucks. they should test more and if the person is the best they have on the team, to bad, they have to go.

420 days ago

Metta Worldhate    

NARCS are bad. Drugs are good. I reject your "moral" code.

420 days ago


I don't know if that's true or not. I guess their significant others didn't know, didn't care, or maybe they don't have a significant other.
I admire Chloe. She knew about the problem yet chose to stand by her husband until it became obvious that he no longer cared enough about himself to allow outside intervention.
I hope he makes his way out of this, because I think Chloe loves him, but I don't think she's stuipid.
She's offered him an alternate course of direction, but if he declines, then he just made the worst descion of his life!

420 days ago


faking it for ratings, nice try kardashians

420 days ago


WAY TO KRIS JENNER & KARDASHIANS!!! You wanted to smear Lamars name thru the mudd and you have. Enjoy the avalanche you created while doing it! More people are going to hate you guys now that the NBA is gonna be scrutanized!! This is "reality" not the scripted reality stuff that you go back and edit for TV!You Kardashians make me sick! LAMARS FANS WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT HIM!!

420 days ago


What is this? Now that Lammie's back in the fold, you're gonna try and minimize his drug using by attacking the whole NBA? Starting to believe the rumors about Harvey climbing into bed with all three sisters & Big Momma. Spinning & minimizing now that fugly Lamar has came down from his bender and went home to get some clean clothes.

420 days ago

Tiem Zee    

I think TMZ is trying to get its sports site going and the NBA is going to be pissed.

420 days ago


Somewhere... In a place far , far away from the Cracktashians... Kris Humphries is thanking his lucky stars he got away!!!!! You see, he figured out the formula for getting away from a kardashian = pretend you want to stay with them forever and ever and that you don't want to get divorced! It worked, K.H!! Kudos! I'm assuming you left your book of secrets under a mattress for Lamar to find!

420 days ago


Damn tmz you have milked this cow dry,theres nothing but blood coming out. Back away from betsy for a while.

420 days ago


Wow, what a surprise! This is investigative journalism at it's finest!

420 days ago


Lamar is acused druggie with no real proof, and we have hundreds of stories about it. Yet we have kimmie making porn babies and that gets left out. Or we have underage jenner girls being exploited like call girls. Kris is one sided

420 days ago

Double Bubble    

Lamar isnt the only drug user in the NBA or any other sport... No kidding, did anyone think he was? And now, somehow, the whole NBA is being discussed because of the Kardashians and their inability to keep their private lives private?That family is all messed up. One daughter doing sex tapes, another married to a crack head, another who might have had a kid by someone else etc etc etc. I know trailer trash families with more class than this family.. Pathetic

420 days ago
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