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Khloe to Lamar

You're Not Welcome Here

9/1/2013 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian
has given Lamar Odom an ultimatum -- get help or get an apartment.

Our well-placed sources say Khloe has laid down the law -- Lamar can't live at home until he completes rehab -- which he's been unwilling to do since his addiction spun out of control.

Khloe has kicked Lamar out before, but we're told this time she's vowing not to fold ... and Friday's DUI bust was the last straw. Our sources say Lamar didn't call Khloe or his lawyers after the arrest. They found out when TMZ broke the story hours later.  Khloe was pissed.

Khloe and Lamar did spend time together Saturday at their home -- but Lamar was sent on his merry way after 4 hours of jawboning about his addiction to crack and other drugs.

As one source said ... they're still at an impasse and the prospects of saving their marriage are "grim."

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White women kill their spouses for money. These women are vile creatures. Black women personality sucks. They don't know how to treat a man because most grew up without bio dad.

380 days ago


Everyone Ignore this story alone , and TMZ won't call the cops on lamar again for more story lines .....

380 days ago


What do you expect from a family of PAGONS!

380 days ago


Black males and white females date anyone. White males mostly want white skin women and black females only want black men a few might date Hispanic men

380 days ago


Everyone is talking about Lamar's addiction - Well , what about people's addiction to these Family .. We are going to have another 500 comments on this story ..TMZ will be forced to make another one..

380 days ago


Stop it! Just stop it! I know those trailer trash are paying you talk about them, but enough is enough. Nobody cares about those fatass pigs.

380 days ago


I hate the Kardashian machine as much as anyone else. They have no talent and no reason for their fame. Their fame and fortune has been manufactured by a media machine that has spun out of control. Having said that, i have empathy for Khloe. Anyone who knows or loves an addict understands the difficulty of distinguishing between helping and enabling, I hope she holds her ground and that Lamar gets the help he needs.

380 days ago



380 days ago


So What He's a Crackhead Next Story If He Doesn't Wanna Get Help Then That's His Problem He's Not The First Rich Millionaire Drug Abuser And He Won't Be The Last I Understand Khloe Sticking Up For Husband But At The Of The Day His Mind Is Poisoned To State That Can't Be Reinstated.......

380 days ago


Why in hell would he want to stay connected to that douche bag family and that dried out Sasquatch? Run Lamar -- Run for your life and freedom. I would be overloading on drugs also if I had to put up with those horrible people. Good luck Lamar....

380 days ago


tired of this just leave them have their family problems to themselves

380 days ago


Team Lamar.

380 days ago


I am a recovering drug addict and my drug of choice was crack cocaine. I have 4-1/2 years of clean time. With that being said, it pains me to see anyone get addicted to that crap. However, the only way Lamar will get clean is when Lamar wants to get clean. Threats, ultimatums will not work. That damn drug is so mind controlling, it convinces you tol do anything you need to do to get another rock. THAT is a fact.

Lamar needs to hit his rock bottom and no one knows what that is or when it will happen. The best thing that Khloe can do is kick him out of the house, which she did, and then try very hard to cut off his money supply. He needs all of his family and friends to turn their back on him, not enable him, and once all of that dries up, he should hit rock bottom. The harder they it for him to buy drugs, the faster he will want to get help.

If they want to try another intervention, the family needs to meet with themselves first. (I understand that the family did not know about his situation until they were called for the intervention.) They should also get an interventionist. There are some good ones in CA. Kristina Wandzilak, Ken Seeley, Jeff VanVonderen and Candy Finnigan are a few that come to mind.

If he wants to get help, he will have to go to a drug treatment center, he will never be able to kick a crack habit on his own. He should be there as long as possible and when his treatment is complete, he should move into a sober living house. This will help him make the transition back into his normal life. I would highly recommend that for anyone struggling with addiction.

I truly hope he gets help. In Narcotics Anonymous there is a saying that goes in part: "progressive illness whose ends are always the same: jails, institutions or death."

380 days ago


Ugly girls don't get to make ultimatums, they make requests.

380 days ago


Lamar should divorce the Khardashian family and stay married to Khloe Odom. He will fair better.

380 days ago
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