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George Zimmerman

Estranged Wife Gets Chunk

Of Legal Defense Money

9/5/2013 4:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Some people who believed in George Zimmerman may be pissed off to learn ... a chunk of the money he raised for his legal defense is now going to support his soon-to-be ex-wife ... TMZ has learned.

According to divorce docs that will soon be filed by Shellie Zimmerman, she claims she's getting $4,300 a month in living expenses from the Zimmerman Legal Defense Fund.   The couple separated August 13th.

According to the solicitation on PayPal ... the fund is to be used "for George Zimmerman's ongoing living expenses, legal costs, and fees for this matter."

Now it gets a little more complicated.  George Zimmerman's official legal defense website says, "Currently George and Shellie are renting a secure residence at a reasonable rate.  Their day-to-day living expenses are relatively modest as they want to preserve as many funds as possible for an aggressive defense."

But here's the thing.  He won almost 2 months ago, and the site raised more than $300,000.  He may still owe money to his lawyers, but the case is over and it's a little weird the $4,300 a month is going to Shellie individually ... not the legal team.


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Mumra the Ever Living    

Those poor cocque suckers who gave that murderer money have absolutely NO IDEA how rich that guy is.
Just wait until you see the splitting of the assets - - you poor fuquers will be shocked what you gave that punk to basically spend on whatever he wants.

411 days ago


funds they should be paying not getting funds This man got off scott free with killin that oy te legal system sucks then he turns around and gets a ticket what the hell this pisses me off his ass should be behind prision doors money getting money for killing someone they should be paying money not getting money the boysparents dserve that

411 days ago


All those fools that sent Z their hard earned money to pay for his legal defense are now paying his alimony.

OMG-How funny is that!

411 days ago


Why should she get anything? She lied to cover for a racist murderer.

411 days ago


His attorney requested florida (tax payers) pay his legal fees. Now my hard earned money will go towards paying fees for a child killer and his lying wife?? That's just BS!!

411 days ago


you guys really dont believe this do you?, there is no way his lawyers would let this happen and if it is, they have it under control.

411 days ago


Big Z for Prezzzzzzz

411 days ago


wow .. getting paid for murder legally.

this is so wrong. that money raised for his legal defense should not be supporting his wife or his ex wife to be at all. she probably wipe that account clean and keep it and end up staying with george and they have the money to live off off as no one is going to give george employment anywhere. this divorce prob all fake so they can siphon the legal money out clean from a donation account and then go shack up together in another state together. i believe they have a daughter together too.

411 days ago


IF I said I'm angry because I wanted that money to go to George and his defense fund I'm guessing that's not the reaction that TMZ was hoping for by trying to prop this up as huge news.

His wife still stood by him during that ridiculous trial so perhaps she should be entitled to some of that money. (does that make you happy TMZ?)

411 days ago


The fat bitch needs to get a job!

411 days ago

Your mom    

People actually donated to this dude. Sh*t donate to me my 3 month old doberman needs surgery a better cause than this guy.

411 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

I don't know why so many people are surprised that this is all going through PayPal.
For MONTHS after Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and all of their right wing radio brethren were flogging their audience to send money to a "defense fund" that would take care of his lawyer costs, housing costs, and living expenses.
That's it. No explanation of exactly how it would be spent, what it would be spent on, or how any money left over would be disbursed after the trial was over. AT THE SAME TIME there was an official defense fund started and held in trust by the NRA. I would imagine that the NRA trust paid for the lawyers, and the other fund? Well that goes to whatever this fat pig wants to do with it.
Think for a minute. Exactly WHAT kind of job did fat boy ZImmerman have before he shot Travon Martin? He actually didn't have any job other than sponging off Dad. Now he's rolling in dough. Wouldn't surprise me if he hunted down the ex, shot her in the chest a dozen times, and claimed self defense.

411 days ago


He should give that money to trayvon's family and his ex wife need to get a job

411 days ago


She knows something and they are paying her hush money. Why on earth would they give her that kind of money individually.

411 days ago


Diet cokes to wash down Wendys triple baconators cost a lot in Florida, and so do maxipads and toilet paper, so 4300 a month is just about right.

411 days ago
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