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Lamar Odom

So Bad ... Crack Dealer Cut Him Off

9/7/2013 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom
's crack cocaine addiction had reached such dangerous levels ... even his dealer thought the NBA star had gone over the edge, and cut off his supply last week, TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the dealer tell us, the crack slinger had delivered the drug to Lamar all summer, but last week, Lamar was insatiable ... calling incessantly and demanding more and more crack.   His go-to dealer apparently got scared enough to cut Lamar off.

No surprise ... the dealer wasn't really concerned about Lamar's welfare.  He was worried about his own ass -- scared Lamar could die and authorities would come down on him.

Obviously, this doesn't mean Lamar stopped using crack ... we're told he hasn't.  It just means he went on the hunt for a new supplier.

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"Sources connected to the dealer" oh would that be Kris Jenner...who in the family is continuoslly feeding this info to you guys 24/7??? disgusting!!!

412 days ago


Notice there are never any photos of the K. women on here. They don't want any flack or comments on THEM! Somehow they have complete control over Harvey Levin. Kris Jenner seems to have something
on everyone in the biz.

412 days ago


He profited from a fake cancer charity he ran. Apparently,to feed this habit. I have no sympathy for this man, I don't know if Khloe Kardashian was in on it. Considering what the Kardashians make from their TV show(s), it's doubtful that she knew. I hope he does a huge rock, and drops dead.

412 days ago


Oh goodness not only was the drug dealer so conscientious that he got off Lamar but he also spoke to TMZ.....................honestly these blurbs just continue to jump the shark........next thing you know they will have a story that Lamar told someone Crack is Whack.

I guess I am just really trying to follow what is in it for TMZ

412 days ago


Oh FFS TMZ, stop buying the Kardashian bs. (Because crack dealers act the way described in this article, uh huh.)

412 days ago


Lol... him.... khloe and rob..smoked it together...now she mad!!!

412 days ago


Please, tell us more about these crack dealer sources with hearts of gold, TMZ.

412 days ago

Barry Soetoro    

Harvey is addicted to male crack.

412 days ago


Future daters and spouses of any Kardashian, take notes. This is what happens when they are done with you. You get trashed throughout the media, truth or not.

412 days ago


The Gold on this assassination is three fold..
1. TMZ gets to list it under TMZ sports ...Harvey's baby and claim all the hits from it to show how popular is it is......
2. Two it is the top money maker for TMZ and they never give up on a money tit till the milk drys up and will suck it till the owner of that tit die's and they get another months worth of hits or it the story dies out with NO comments
3. The Kardashions gets there revenge against the man and free ads for their failing show and Pimpmama (close source) keeps the pressure on Lamar to break the pre nup agreement were Khlow can't touch is earned income from before the marriage (the bulk of his fortune) and keep him from getting any of hers.... Once he signs a paper or is proven he has broke that agreement ...this will magically disappear off of TMZ pages....
It's called ...GREED and FAME ...and its the rules these people live by....and their God is the Devil's mightiest weapon against goodness....Called MONEY.......

412 days ago


I doubt his drug abuse is a new thing. He's been doing it for years, and she chose to marry and have babies with him. Shame on her more than him.

412 days ago


So, if Lamar is/was so hooked on crack, why didn't his wife or friends do something? Khole didn't notice that he's on drugs?

412 days ago


that's just negotiations.. Lamar is gonna work harder to keep him in his life, that means more zeros on those checks.. my advice to Khloe, devide the assets NOW.

412 days ago


And TMZ found this out how? The same dealer serves up their office?

412 days ago


The crack dealer has the Feds on his track. Ready to arrest him. So they have went into hiding.

412 days ago
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