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George Zimmerman

Will Continue To Pay Wife

From Legal Defense Fund

9/8/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0906-george-zimmerman-shellie-gettyGeorge Zimmerman will continue to pay his estranged wife's living expenses from his legal defense fund, and he may even use money from the fund to pay her alimony if it comes to that ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story ... Shellie Zimmerman received $4,300 after the couple separated for living expenses, and the money came from the George Zimmerman Legal Defense Fund.  Solicitations for the fund stated that money could be used for their living expenses, but that's when they were still together.

Sources connected with the couple tell TMZ ... Shellie is not a gold digger and only wants necessary expenses.  We're told George will continue to pay her way from his fund, but the monthly amount will vary and every penny will be backed up with a receipt.

Now this is interesting.  If George is ordered to pay Shellie alimony when they divorce, he is leaving open the possibility that he could pay that through his legal defense fund.

So we gotta ask ...


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How else is she gonna pay for all those visits to the all-you-can-eat buffets? They have no kids, and yet she's entitled to getting her fat fingers over money donated for a... sigh, I don't care.

I don't care because that fat bastard didn't deserve that money to begin with. Now it's kind of ironic that he's screwing the people that helped him by using that money for other things. Serves you right for helping that murderous tub of lard.

377 days ago


She obviously only stayed by his side for one reason during this trail to play it off, she's was probably planning to use the donated money for herself if he got thrown in the slammer.

377 days ago


Next up she'll be writing a book...

377 days ago


Good, I hope all that money gets waisted on stupid ****. people were stupid to think it was going to "defend" him anyway. The state of fL IS PICKING UP THAT TAB.

377 days ago


Dam they look like each other!

377 days ago


I smell fraud! Smells a lot like somebody is worried they will lose civil suit to me!

377 days ago


Run girl! This ur only shot, no pun intended, to get away from this loser! U lied for him and he couldn't even back u up in court.

377 days ago


To the wacko that wrote Comment No. 1:

As Americans, we don't refer to Night Stalkers that kill kids as "heroes", George Zimmerman is a killer, which cannot be denied.

Furthermore, you referring to our President as "Barry Soetoro" indicates to me that you ain't no "patriot" either, and your lack of respect make me believe you weren't ever a "Marine", at least not in the American Military.

376 days ago


She had to put up with the hell that surrounded this case. Just on that basis alone. How do we know she didn't loose her income because of his case.

376 days ago


Hahaha! I knew you had to be a complete moron to support this killer...he's a liar and a pice of sh*t.... He used all the idiots money to support his life..good for you guys... His wife hates him cause she knows he's the devil... And anyone who supports him are EFFIN stupid dumbazzes!

376 days ago


'''George Zimmerman will continue to pay his estranged wife's living expenses from his legal defense fund, and he may even use money from the fund to pay her alimony if it comes to that ... TMZ has learned.'''

This is a damn disgrace. It should be illegal. ESPECIALLY since the murderers attorneys are asking the tax payers of Florida to pay their legal fees, for defending Zimmerman the murderer.

376 days ago


why is it outrageous that he's using his defense fund to pay her? otherwise he's just gonna do more gun buying.

376 days ago


Spend that racist money Shellie, GZ, ball til you fall homey. It's some dumb ass hard earned money anyway. It's like taking candy from a baby. Hey! good luck with your lawsuit on the Taxpayers of Florida. Get that money, as we blacks say, "don't lighten up, tighten up". You are our hero now, like that new truck, hey you should put a rebel flag in the window.

374 days ago


Hey GZ, get that money homey. Like that new truck you're driving. Hey, you should put a rebel flag in the back window. O'mara seemed a little mad about you not paying him. Tell that snob, "Country boy get it in blood". Buck that ***got you are the killer not him.We like you now, a real thug. You're the talk in the hood now, "that boy GZ is invincible", "that boy GZ be thugging hard" , "that boy GZ getting that paper the easy way, robbing without a gun". Hey, we like to wish you good luck on your lawsuit against the State of Fla. get some more of that taxpayer money. Hey, West you the bomb homeboy, but GZ is way smarter than you, lick that!

374 days ago
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