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Wentworth Miller

I Tried to Kill Myself

9/9/2013 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

090813_wentworth_miller_main_launchWentworth Miller tried to commit suicide multiple times because he couldn't handle keeping his sexual identity a secret.

Miller revealed his dark secret at the Human Rights Campaign Dinner in Seattle Saturday night, saying his first suicide attempt was when he was 15.

The "Prison Break" star says he downed a bottle of pills at home, and he wasn't crying out for help, because "you only cry for help if there is help to cry for." 

Wentworth also talked about the torture of working in Hollywood as a closeted actor ... explaining he wanted to be the role model he never had ... "to be the someone else, that no one was to me."



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Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Never give up. Keep trying! You don't want everyone to think you're a failure, do you? Because right now, that's what everyone thinks.

355 days ago


I had the impression being gay in Hollywood was a good thing for your career.

355 days ago


Who cares? Have fun taking on Putin.

355 days ago


how do you even try to kill yourself multiple times?? be who you are. never heard of this guy until he comes out as gay. how is this even news? "hes so brave"...uh wtf he tried to KILL HIMSELF because hes scared of telling people hes gay. thats a coward.

355 days ago


did he almost died? im glad he didnt fully died. i hope he never tries to killed himself again!

(i will never retired from my job as english teecher!)

355 days ago


As the saying goes, "If at first you don't succeed, try,try,again." Succeed, lol.

355 days ago


It is always sad to hear when people have to live in secret because of their sexuality. Glad he came around. I am sure it is a feeling of great weight being lifted off his shoulders. He is still young and hopefully lots of life ahead of him

355 days ago


Yeah, because being gay in Hollywood is such a curse. You self-important boob. No one gives a s--t whos balls you wrap your mouth around, so therefore, no one cares if you're gay. Quit bitching.

355 days ago


NFI who he is.

355 days ago


I don't get anyone who has to make a thing about their sexuality, straight or gay.

355 days ago


Maybe 3% of American males are exclusively homosexual, if statistics are to be believed. Draw your own conclusions from that.

355 days ago


seems to me its what is more important to you. is being gay and telling people and living as a gay person number 1, or is being famous and making a lot of money number 1? I don't think Hollywood dictates what your sexual preference should be. if your are openly gay and you come out, this makes most viewers dismiss shows where you have a love interest of the opposite sex. it may be wrong for viewers to feel that way, but its true. you just have to make choice that makes you happy.

355 days ago


Sounds to me that it was a problem of having no one close, to talk to. It could have been another issue besides being gay. Don't agree with hanging all the drama on being gay.....

355 days ago

Read My Lips    

Where on earth are mimi and humannature these days?

Are they hiding away bumping clams?

354 days ago


I don't get the coming out thing. Straight people don't have to declare their preference. Just live your life. There are gay people in Hollywood who keep their private life private. I don't care who people want to sleep with.

354 days ago
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