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George Zimmerman

Detained In Domestic Gun Incident

9/9/2013 11:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

12:25 PM PT
-- Lake Mary Police Chief Steve Bracknell tells TMZ, Shellie was visiting her father this afternoon when George arrived and became aggressive. The chief says George allegedly threatened Shellie and her family, and had his hand on his gun. Shellie told police George then hit her dad.

8 officers are currently on the scene. George is currently being detained and has NOT been arrested.

George Zimmerman
is being detained by police after allegedly threatening his wife's father with a gun.

It happened in Lake Mary, Florida this afternoon.  Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Zimmerman's wife, Shellie, called 911 and said her dad and George had gotten into a big argument and George had his hand on a gun.

We're told cops are at The Zimmerman house right now and have George detained for questioning.  There appears to be no one injured.

Shellie filed for divorce last week.  She went on TV and trashed George, saying he was making "reckless decisions."

Story developing ...



No Avatar


Big ****in deal... Who cares.. Not me

407 days ago


Can any of you imagine what would happen to you if you were pulled over for speeding not once but twice? What if you punched someone? So how does this guy keep getting breaks?

407 days ago


He's in Florida....His dad has connections....He will get away with it again.......Hope a sinkhole swallow George's fat a$$.

407 days ago


1st off its was no self defense u a$$ its was plain murder and a young man die for no reason so shut ur f*** mouth u sound as stupid as him if u dnt kn wht ur are tlk about close ur mouth

407 days ago


This is what happens when someone isn't convicted, he thinks he's no one who had to follow the law cuz he's gotten away with it before. not surprised! I hope someone kicks his ass. REALITY CHECK!

407 days ago


He was standing is ground with his wife and her father. Hope the fat fart falls into a sinkhole

407 days ago

Johnny G    

I can't believe he still has gun rights. How many more people does he need to shoot before they take away this idiot's guns?

406 days ago


All the people that gave to his defence fund got him a nice truck,see his true character This man is a time bomb he has attacked police,beat his father in law,cheated on wife,drives recklessly,and of course shoots people.And some call him a hero

406 days ago


The man is ticking time-bomb who obviously thinks he's getting away with everything.

406 days ago

surf city syl    

and I can't believe the stupidity of blogs, media, and readers to not await for reports. Police backtracked big time, no gun.

Listen, Shelly is pissed, Zimmerman cheated-nothing to see here folks just another contentious divorce and a scorned wife ready to use any weapon,

Look for her book it will becoming. An easy way to make a Mil

406 days ago

Peter Popoff    

Wait for it......because its coming

406 days ago


He obviously graduated from the OJ Simpson school of dumb ideas

406 days ago

kathleen kessler    

I hope all those people on the zimmermzn jury sleep well they let a Murderer go and now he thinks he can kill any one and get away with it!!!

406 days ago

James M    

He's life is forever gone just like the child he killed. He is now a walker an you know what we have to do with a Walker put one in the HEAD

406 days ago


See, this is exactly why the Florida "justice" system is corrupt. They let the real criminals go i.e. Casey Anthony, George Zimmerman...and lets not forget the voting fiasco for president 2000 recount! And more... Smdh and people wonder why these things happen... Bunch of morons

406 days ago
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