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Lamar's 'Roommate'

Khloe Charged at Me

Like an 'Uncaged Animal'

9/9/2013 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom
's drug-induced paranoia, crack binging, and Khloe Kardashian's jealous rage -- the NBA star's ex "roommate" told the FULL STORY about her summer with Lamar ... and it's wild.

Polina Polonsky was on TMZ Live -- we posted an excerpt where she described Lamar completely unraveling in her L.A. apartment this summer ... smoking crack and becoming paranoid.

Now here's the full monty ... Polina talks about how Lamar practically began behaving like a toddler while living with her -- and how Khloe eventually barged in to her apartment in the middle of the night like an "uncaged animal."



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Hysterical! She's obviously another attention seeking little whore. An attorney? Maybe in a porno flick!!!

416 days ago


She is no lawyer, she is a call girl and a junkie.
People can tell lies and do anything for money.
If it is true i would have done the same has Khloe.
She is just a whore, she never mention drugs
in her first interview it is all lies

416 days ago


As a female attorney I am appalled by this woman. A person has to work hard to become an attorney and she is an embarrassment to the profession. There was a time that being a lawyer was a noble profession. In DC and Maryland, after a lawyer passes their bar, they will not be admitted until AFTER they pass a character evaluation..... I think it is the same for most states. How did this woman become an attorney? She is obviously not too bright because she has basically confessed to engaging in illegal activity, i.e, crack use, which can result in her being disbarred. This woman did not even seem to have a grasp on attorney client privilege. If Lamar was a client she should not be discussing the case at all with the public without his consent. If he was not a client, then that is even sadder because she tried to invoke privilege when there was not a relationship that would require it. She even breached her real clients confidentiality by allowing Lamar to summarize cases. Someone needs to report this woman to bar counsel STAT. This woman is an embarrassment to the profession and a threat to her clients. She is playing fast and lose with her law license. Many women now a days have no self respect, even the ones that are smart enough to pass a bar exam. It's pathetic and tragic. Who in their right mind hired her? Unfortunately I have met a lot of attorneys that struck me as unstable, treacherous and morally bankrupt; however, none were dumb enough to air their illegal activity on the streets. I even have met some lawyers that behaved in a manner that lead me to believe that they had cocaine or alcohol addictions, but they at least tried to hide it. In a way she has done the public a favor, unlike the lawyers that hide their incompetencies and as a result represent their clients poorly, she has warned potential clients to stay away from her. Fortunately, her behavior is preventing her from having the opportunity to provide bad representation and cause damage to a clients life. No person that saw this tape would hire her to be their attorney, unless she is a pubic defender and forced on someone, but even then a client can voice their concerns.

416 days ago


khloe needs to beat her ass n put Lamar in check....basically divorce his ass....can't help sme1 that don't want any help clearly....

416 days ago


Why is she being called a roommate? She was his lover/mistress.

416 days ago

Karvey Kardashian    

This slore pulled a law degree out of a box of Cracker Jack! I didn't realize they'd changed their prizes!

416 days ago


Khloe showed serious composure in my book. You are so lucky a little bit of yelling was all she did. U knew damn well hhe was married, most of the world does! I hope she comes back and bitch slaps your ass!

416 days ago


Khloe, if you put Lammy out, why did you go looking for him. Putting someone out is a power move. The move is cancelled when you track down the person you evicted. That's like calling to police on someone and then bailing them out of jail.

416 days ago


And She Had Every Right To Charge At You!!!!

416 days ago


One crack head talking about another crack head, SMH!

416 days ago


I wish there was a has heavy penalty for a man/woman who sleeps with a person that they know is married. Instead they get paid to tell their story. No shame at all smh.

416 days ago


Is this dumb b**ch serious? She's f**cking married men. If she was doing drugs and f**cking my husband I would of attacked her like an animal too.

416 days ago



416 days ago


Well, Khloe . . . what do you say about your little LamLam now?? He's described as a "toddler" because you talk BABY TALK, you GD Freak! Better get yourself checked - who knows where he's been.

416 days ago


Crack out! What kind of lawyer could she be?

416 days ago
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