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Lamar's 'Roommate'

Khloe Charged at Me

Like an 'Uncaged Animal'

9/9/2013 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom
's drug-induced paranoia, crack binging, and Khloe Kardashian's jealous rage -- the NBA star's ex "roommate" told the FULL STORY about her summer with Lamar ... and it's wild.

Polina Polonsky was on TMZ Live -- we posted an excerpt where she described Lamar completely unraveling in her L.A. apartment this summer ... smoking crack and becoming paranoid.

Now here's the full monty ... Polina talks about how Lamar practically began behaving like a toddler while living with her -- and how Khloe eventually barged in to her apartment in the middle of the night like an "uncaged animal."



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HARVEY!!!! If this woman is an officer of the court, why on earth would she witness and allow Lamar to smoke crack in her house? Going on a live show and telling her story makes her look really bad, not to mention, she should have her license revoked for allowing illegal drug use in her home...Just don't get it! I am missing something here? Why don't you ask hard questions like this HARVEY? After all, YOU ARE A LAWYER???

378 days ago


HARVEY! Isn't it your responsibility as a "LAWYER" to report this chick to the Bar Association for promoting illegal drug use in her own home. Guess she does not think others are watching, or know about this. NOT PROFESSIONAL, BY ANY MEANS! I would not be surprised if she defends drug dealers and addicts, primarily. She really comes across stupid for someone with a law degree.

378 days ago


She totally f'ed herself at 8:25... some layer

377 days ago


White women r useless and trashy, I feel bad for Khloe

377 days ago


Ok so wait this poor excuse for a woman is an actual lawyer! Shouldn't she be disbarred or have some sort of action taken against her being that she sat their and witnessed illegal activity going on in her own home? This is not ethical behavior by any means for a lawyer. She sits there trying to get her 15min of fame and Lamar was stupid enough to allow her to get it. I feel so sorry for poor Chloe. Lamar is a real mental piece of work and she doesn't deserve to be treated the way he has treated her. Polina is steadily dating they were like best friends. No what sane person ingots a drug addict to stay at their apartment. I also don't believe they were just friends I bet u they had some sort of sexual relationship. Khloe best bet is to get as far away from lamar divorce him and cut contact with him. She can't save him side has to worry abt herself.

377 days ago


Really lady? , u can clearly see She is reading notes? A lawyer? Lol aren't lawyers supposed to have a good reputation, sleeping with married men, telling other and doing drugs with them in your house, if u ask me, ya ass just a groupie! !!

377 days ago


Sounds like maybe she participated in more than being his friend seeing as how she defends people who use drugs for recreational reasons and not addictions

377 days ago


Khloe had every right to act the way she did. WHAT WIFEwouldnt do what Khloe is doing or have done if she love her husband. NOT ONCE did this so call LAWYER say Lamar was with her and she was trying to help him in any way. She know he is a married man and she DIDN'T Have to let him stay with her for 6 weeks & GLORIFY they spent time together and did everything together.. REALLY. WELL LETS ASK HER TO DO A DRUG TEST ?

377 days ago

Truth Be Told    

FYI: Just so everyone knows - There is someone who is cloning me (and a lot of other people) and is posting on all the boards. If you don't believe me - click on his avatar and then mine you will see for yourself. This person steals other people's avatar's and nick names then hides behind a proxy server and posts on all the boards. Beware: This person may very easily clone you also! So Heads Up!!

376 days ago


uh yeah. she better be glad Khloe didn't kick her ass. how do you allow someone you like/love as a friend or even more do drugs like that? and his drug use was in control? are you kidding me? what a joke. she should not be practicing law. and then to allow it in her home?!?!

350 days ago


You mean like a rhinoceros? Because I could totally believe that.

266 days ago
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