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Kanye West

Fires Back at Ray J

You're Lame and You Know It!

9/10/2013 7:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Kanye West decided it's finally time to destroy Ray J -- and last night he blasted his lady's sex tape partner on national TV ... going straight after Ray's manhood.

West made a surprise appearance on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" to perform his hit "Bound 2" -- but during the song, he changed some of the lyrics to attack Ray:

"Brandy’s little sister lame man he know it now ... When a real brother hold you down, you ‘sposed to drown."

We're guessing Kanye is finally responding to Ray's song, "I Hit It First" ... in which Ray bragged about bangin' Kim Kardashian before Kanye did.

But the best part of Kanye's attack ... the legendary Charlie Wilson punctuating the venomous lyrics with a "shabadabatweeetweeetweee"
It's awesome.


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Poor little Kanye. Tried to fool us by saying he loved to watch the tape. Now the truth comes out. He is just mad that Ray J, Reggie Bush, 500000 other men were smart enough not to knock her up and get stuck with her and her sick mother.

409 days ago


These comments are HILARIOUS!!! I have not laughed this much in months, maybe even years. Thank you all for the free entertainment.

409 days ago

Kelly Rollins    

Caught Kanye's new song on Jimmy Fallon last night and it SUCKED! It was a terrible way! It's one of the worst songs I've ever heard...that includes Tiny Tim's version of Tip Toe Through the Tulips!

Don't waste your money buying this...PERIOD!

409 days ago

Ricardo Marquez    

sucks like TMZ 's writers

409 days ago


How the HE ( double hockey sticks) LL did this guy ever get a record contract. I am sorry but I actually laughed out loud at his rhyming and talking ( I mean singing).

409 days ago


They're both morons!!! They are fighting over some dumb, overused, greedy, untalented, narcissistic, plastic, fake bimbo. Her personality is as deep as a f**ckin puddle and she has had more d*cks in her than a nfl locker room. What a prize, f**ckin dumb f*cks.

409 days ago


Ray J will always be the one that peed on her first Kanye. Get over yourself. When they are done with you, nobody will care. They did it to Humphries, they're doing it to Odem. You're next.

409 days ago


He's a little late isn't he?

409 days ago


Actually just mad cuz Ray J hit it, peed on it and then passed it on to the next dude. You were the dumbass who decided to wife that disgusting stretched out hole of a pig up after every dude in the industry stuck their junk in her. Now you lost all your street cred, your daughter has a sloot for a mom and will get teased about it all the time since anyone can go on the Internet and watch her mom get pounded on, and to top it off: she is still fat AF which is why you are too embarrassed to bring her out with you. Don't hate on Ray J because he was smart enough to dunk it in that porta potty and bounce. SMDH

409 days ago


WTF? LOL! That rap blows balls almost as much as Kim Kardashian does.

409 days ago

John T.    

Kim said it best he smells bad in bed and she is not attracted to him. Then what the hell is she doing with him.

409 days ago


I just want to let everyone know...I'm not attracted to lose white women. I am however looking for a woman with morals and intelligence.I really much ask the white man to stop forcing HIS standard of beauty on everyone else. It's pathetic and embarrassing.. Thank you and have a great day..

409 days ago

carol hoousendove    

He hit it first both west & ray j are maybe 10th or 11th are you kidding me?

409 days ago


Gotta love the irony. KanGAY West, one of the GAYEST DOWN LOW MFers on the planet, is questioning another man's masculinity? LOL!!! I wish Ray J would say something PUBLICLY about how KanGAY spent Kim's ENTIRE pregnancy snuggled up in bed with his BOYFRIEND, Riccardo Tisci in Paris. KanGAY couldn't find a vagina with a state of the art GPS system.

409 days ago


Why either of them brag about hitting that is beyond me. Have you ever seen her without make up? smh... She got pregnant by Kanye, and he'll live to regret that. LMBO Or at least Kanye thinks it's his.

409 days ago
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