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Mister Cee

Resigns from NY Radio Show

After Allegations He Tried to Pay Man for Sex

9/11/2013 10:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Mister Cee
-- the famous hip hop DJ who worked with numerous rap superstars like Notorious B.I.G. and Big Daddy Kane -- has resigned from a New York radio show in the wake of new allegations he tried to solicit sex from a male drag queen.

"Today is my last day on Hot 97," Cee announced on the program today ... explaining, "In reality, I kind of knew this day would come."

Hot 97 issued a statement saying, "We feel that this is in the best interest of both HOT 97 and Cee’s personal well-being. While we do not endorse the alleged activities, he is clearly facing a personal dilemma that is for him and only him to comment on."

The move comes on the same day a male blogger named Bimbo Winehouse published audio of a man who sounds like Cee apparently agreeing to pay $100 for a sex act.

Winehouse claims he never actually engaged in sexual activity with Cee.

This isn't the first time Cee's been accused of solicitation -- he's been arrested at least 3 times ... once for allegedly trying to pick up an undercover NYPD officer in Brooklyn.

Cee has said in the past he's not gay -- but has an "addiction to prostitution."


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So that hip hop alpha male gangsta likes to sword fight? If that floats your boat no big deal. Just come out of the closet and bring Jay Z and Piddy with him. Yes, they gay too

414 days ago


This man has been butt digging since 1989

414 days ago



414 days ago


HAHHAHAHHAAAA. Some tough guy gangsta he is.

414 days ago


1. First of all, HOT-97 oughta be ashamed of itself, this ranks right up there with NBC axe-ing Howard and Robin, gimme a break.

2. Second of all, put Cee back in, apologize profusedly for trying to media-humiliate him, then give him a big raise y'all's lucky to have Cee.

3. Third, the Playa was down on 8th, a known hooker locale, waiting on Cee's car. Looking to take him down. Making certain its' cell (only an It would do this) was recording... for just this

4. If y'all wanna know why hookers wind up strangled and dumped in the woods... this'd be the usual reason, they're all creepy beyond belief.

414 days ago


If only would have declared he was gay the media would have declared him a hero and role model.

414 days ago

barry mcoknher    

Cee deeez nutz

414 days ago


5. Hookers, and the act of picking one up? Cry for love, and from those of us broken from childhood, it's like STEALING, a cry for help and love...
6. The women on the street are more dangerous than the trannies, crossies, swishy men. They're all armed. Carry at least one sturdy knife, always have it on the read. Just as likely a gun. They take your money, pull the weapon on their exit, their way out, they're only thing is getcha_money, get outz of your car and leave. They'll cut you in a HOT-97 minute.
7. Broken backgrounds and broken people make poor sexual choices and decisions when under great and severe stress. Accomplishing what Cee's accomplished is a testimony to Cee's brilliance and character, therefore HOT-97 has to figure a fairer way out on this. Hanging Cee is just not the message to send to the Black or Broken People on the Planet.

414 days ago

American Pie    

Gutter trash...not a prostitute but admits to being "Paid"...if not a prostitute, what did he pay you for?? He even looks dirty...Shame the DJ ruined his career, but honestly, for the dirty trash to make a video, deny being a prostitute, but admit to being "paid"...again, if not a prostitute, then paid for what??? Being a gay man myself, these are the gutter trash gays that make me livid, we are trying so hard to be accepted and have rights, and trying to educate Americans that, like the rest of society, the majority of us are upstanding citizens who work hard, pay our taxes, and have morals...but as in every group of people, there are those that are lazy, unclean, and have no morals or respect for themselves or anyone around them...this trash is a classic example...embarrassing...and not just his looks...

414 days ago

American Pie    

And a little advice to the Ho....If you are gong to make a video and out someone for being gay, and yourself as being a ho, just to get 15 minutes of least make yourself look presentable...which means NOT looking like you just woke up from your night shift in some alley in the Bronx, wearing dirty clothes...I am surprise there isn't a condom stuck to your forehead...

414 days ago

Colonel Custard    

Is he really into gay sex if all he wants is a "float" session? I've heard he likes floats more than root beer.

414 days ago

Shah Boogey    

LMAO, idk why he keeps denying it... If your gay your gay bruh, but all this lying an **** now people will dislike you.

414 days ago


Disgusting. I hate Flamboyant "here I come " Gays..

414 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

He means he has an orifice addiction. Meaning he'll do anything with a hole in it... cat, dog, male, or female. llama or a monkey. You name it.

414 days ago


I like how this tranny says he's a internet 3,000 views makes you a cee told the tranny..GTFO

414 days ago
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