Kanye West I'M DRUNK And I'm Ready to Yell About Stuff!!!

9/12/2013 6:05 AM PDT
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Another EPIC rant from Kanye West!!!!

This time, he's bitchin' about the evilness of corporations, how he hates sellouts and why people who put "numbers" on the back of their shirts are crappy designers.


Kanye was at a listening party for his pal Pusha T in Manhattan last night, when he grabbed the mic and went off -- admitting he'd been hittin' the Grey Goose pretty hard earlier in the night.

Nobody was harmed in the making of this video ... but he did take some time to brag about himself:

"We make good music, we make good music. We don’t give a F*CK about how much god damn money you make, we make good music!"