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David Tutera's Ex

It's David's Fault

We Split the Twins

9/13/2013 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Tutera
's ex is pointing the finger at the "My Fair Wedding" host, claiming it's Tutera's fault they're splitting up their twins after a nasty breakup.

Ryan Jurica called in to "TMZ Live" this morning, claiming David made a unilateral decision to separate the children at birth when their 10-year relationship blew up.

Ryan and David had fraternal twins through a surrogate in July, and the births triggered a bitter custody battle. The complication stems from the fact that each man fertilized an egg from the same woman ... that was then implanted in the same surrogate, who gave birth to the two babies at the same time ... meaning Ryan is the biological dad of one child, and David of the other.

Despite David's decision, Ryan tells us he'd rather keep the kids together. He insists splitting the kids up is just a temporary measure until a final custody arrangement has been reached ... but that could take a while.



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Two selfish men who don't give a rat's ass about the kids, it's about winning and not the welfare of the babies.

403 days ago


From what the article says, I gather they share the same mother and have different fathers, that would make them 'HALF' brothers, not twins. Why would they not live with their rightful fathers? The surrogate gave up her rights at birth so the child would go to the father legally. We don't know how old these children are so we can't really judge how much it will hurt them and the court will decide on visitation between the children and what is in their best interest. But making one child live with a father that isn't his/her's would be wrong.

403 days ago


This story is disturbing on many levels.

403 days ago


I don't think they count as twins because they have different fathers. They're simply sharing a womb. They're half brothers definatly. This shouldn't be allowed. Just like most churches require marriage couseling before they will marry you, they should require couples counseling before you and impregnate a surrogate or adopt a child. They should do it for all pregnancies but that's pushing it lol.

403 days ago


First, this is simply awful. Secondly, I'm not certain why so many have difficulties with the word "twin." They are absolutely twins. Genetically they are half siblings,- true, but they are twins. Dizygotic, two eggs fertilized by seperate sperm cells,- twins.

403 days ago


Oh my God people .. they were separated at birth! They aren't even 'natural' twins. They are not going to be traumatized, they don't even know each other, they are two months old for crying out loud. People on here making a stink about nothing. And you people saying it's less traumatic to keep these two together while the two men who are fighting 'share' time with them are insane and no nothing about how divorced parents effect children. Want to see some traumatized kids go find some kids who have been through a divorce where they have to listen to each parent bitch and complain about the other.. going back and forth. Feeling like they have to pick sides... you know straight divorces.. those things that happen all the time but TMZ posters seem to think this is some new gay issue. LOL If these two men walk away with their children and raise them without all the animosity and blaming that comes with shared custody then these two babies will already be spared years of emotional pain and issues. And I'm sure as they get older they will know each other and build their own relationship.

403 days ago


How the heII would you know Sonja? Long story short.... one of my grandsons (twin) had to be flown to a top hospital in the US - when she got out of the hospital with the other twin, she was encouraged to bring the other baby to the hospital - they know...... guess YOU know more than top docs huh? DOUBT IT

403 days ago


And this why I don't believe in gay marriages! Look at this bull**** and tell me this is how we want our next generation to be recognized? A product of the lab? Not made from passion? Come on...
If you choose to have children make sure it ain't for "show and tell"! These kids are real. Not toys or a fantasy. Creation is NOT to be played with. Man is man. And God is God! Get it straight. What they need to consider is the fact that when that sperm burst and the egg explodes!? There is only one thing behind it, PASSION! Can't be duplicated. And I don't believe its should be deemed natural. Ever wonder why it's easier for them to pay a surrogate than adopt? Because they don't want to go thorugh screening and preparations. And this lifestyle my friends is not normal. By any means.

403 days ago


Have these two "grown ups" ever heard of doing what's best for the children? They should be ashamed of themselves.

403 days ago


Gay or straight: Adults who put children/minors/babies in the middle of thier terror to destroy each other (grown adults) because thier relationship went south. And now it's time for battle, deplorable !! kids always in the middle. The children are the innocent party. Couples who have kids together, should understand the LOGIC of parenting in a positive direction. All these cat fights, in court, how embarrassing to be so low to "use" your kids to retaliate. These types of parents need to grow up in the worst way -to be responsible for taking on children, no one forced them to have kids! So do the right thing by your kids, it's a choice to be a parent- one can no longer put thier needs first....

403 days ago


Nothing but selfish and spiteful people! Put your issues aside and think about your children!!

403 days ago


Has David not seen the Parent Trap? Nothing more scarring than my parent doesn't want me.

403 days ago


So sad. They should not split up the twins. It seems self-serving to do that. Just because they split up doesn't mean the twins have to split up.

403 days ago


I have lost ALL respect for David Tutera.

Whatever problems he has with his ex, does not involve the children. They are still siblings and should grow up together. If that means there is a 50/50 share custody split, that's a lot better than what is happening now.

Guaranteed I won't be supporting by watching his show now.

402 days ago


did I just hear Harvey say "800 lb. elephant in the room"?

401 days ago
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