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Jane Lynch

'I Kinda Like Being Single'

9/15/2013 12:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's clear marriage wasn't right for Jane Lynch -- at least not now -- 'cause the "Glee" star tells TMZ she's really diggin' the single life at the moment.

The always friendly Lynch was out in Bev Hills the other day when we asked her if she's ready to meet some new ladies, now that a couple of months have passed since she and wife Lara Embry split up.

But Lynch says she's not sure she wants to jump back into a relationship -- telling us, "I kinda like being single."

Makes sense, considering Lynch's divorce recently turned nasty -- with Embry trying to nail Jane to the wall with more than $93k per month in spousal support.

With those kinda problems, single life kinda makes sense ... right?


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She is always so friendly and down to earth with the paps

412 days ago

Stiletto you think she cries and feels lonely every time she opens a can of tuna?

412 days ago


Well, she can hook up with Ellen DeGeneres. ...or is that against the code of butch-chick lesbianism?

412 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

I kinda like being single = she just got laid!

412 days ago


She's on the lookout for some more carpet to munch.

412 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

It's amazing the amount of greed there is from even these short-lived relationships. Get with someone rich for a couple of years and expect to be set up for life with spousal support. Sickening.

412 days ago


its so hard and sad when a relationship ends gay straight or anything in between. hope she's okay - just needs some alone time

412 days ago


Hillary Clinton is available.

412 days ago


I love Jane Lynch and always watch your videos of her. I like how she warned the camera guy not to run into people. (common decency, camera guy)

412 days ago

french opinion    

Nice woman.

412 days ago


I'm interested now in how Jane and Embry met.

If Embry came on to Jane as "Her Biggest Fan."

What kind of doctor Embry is, what she practices, when she practices, and patient referrals, etc.

Jane always takes the high road, to Jane's credit.

But Embry having a clear grasp of Jane's assets from moment-one, then publishing such?

Embry's understanding of Jane's growing wealth?

Down to a decimal point?

Made my nose start itching.

Since she's asked Jane to support her in the "Lifestyle she's become accustomed."

To what lifestyle WAS Embry accustomed?

Before Jane?

Did Embry even HAVE ... an actual practice?

412 days ago


I've met a lot of wacky Los Angeles people.

Insisting on the title of "Doctor."

Border-line neck adjustment people.

"Psychologists with online degrees."

Professional students -

All with business cards saying doctor.

Doctor this, doctor that, doctor the other thing.

...borderline/alleged medical degrees, etc.

...Embry sounds as if she bought nothing into this relationship -

Except maybe a title, good looks, decent bod, etc.

And one of those ever-pleasing and supportive personalities...

-As she now goes for Jane's throat.

What if we're FOOLED, tricked into not deploying a pre-nup?

I've been fooled by two of the slickest women God ever placed on this Green Earth.

Would have SWORN these two had character.

-Played me to the 17th.

Destroying my ability to trust my OWN perception from that point forward.

If you determine after-the-fact someone's pushed all of the right buttons so you DON'T do a pre-nup?

Do you have any legal recourse.

Not that Embry is - who knows ...

But Sociopaths are beyond our understanding of treacherous -

Easily able to use our own compassion/empathy - against us.

They see compassion as weakness - exploit potential -

Like Spyware that glances over your registry values/start-up menu.

For opportunity.

Better get to Church.

412 days ago


I'm The Sociopath -Whisperer.

That's how I arguably know so much about Sociopaths.

Only from my own world and experience, not Jane's, not anyone else's.

As a four/five year old I recognized both parents were misfits of a professional nature.

Dangerous, unfeeling, violent.

Mixed with a twisted need to dupe Society.

I had a choice.

Be destroyed by them as my four siblings were.

Or use the opportunity to study them - like lab rats.

For 32 years, or right during grad school

When I dropped the hammer on them.

Outed them publicly.

For crimes vs children, including molestation, criminal acts of child abuse.

Which included being slashed at age two.

Sociopaths/psychopaths haven't the capacity to feel.

We're like a fence post in their view.

Something to urinate on.

As children we were props.

Used for food stamps, welfare, housing, medical care, sympathy.

412 days ago


Good to see with the advent of gay marriage that they ALSO get to experience the joys of divorce and all the bills that go with it.
And as in Jane's case, once again the man get's hit with the bill... LOL !!
But hey, as usual, any price is worth being rid of the bitch....

412 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

Who the hell cares about your sinful, disgusting lesbian social life, you ugly dyke???

412 days ago
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