Jane Lynch I'm Officially Divorced And it Cost Me a Fortune!

Jane Lynch is now officially free ... but her divorce sure wasn't ... she's paying her former wife millions.

Jane's divorce from Dr. Lara Embry became final Monday. In the property settlement -- obtained by TMZ -- it's apparent gay divorces are just like all the others ... the breadwinner has to give up half.

Lara -- a psychologist -- gets a lump sum of $1.2 million, spaced over over a 2-year period.

But Lara gets a lot more, including:

-- half of several bank and trust accounts, totaling $847,485

-- half of a 401K, totaling $315,079

-- half of the proceeds from their Mulholland Tennis Club membership

-- half of all royalties from Jane's TV appearances, including "Glee"

-- half of their $56,810 tax refund

Lara also gets their L.A. Yacht club membership.

But wait, there's more. Lara gets Francis the dog.

Marriage, worth fighting for ... sometimes.

Jane Lynch If You Want Marriage Tips ... I Got Nuthin'!

When it comes to Jane Lynch and marriage ... she wants you to know the doctor is NOT in -- and yes, you can take that a couple of different ways.

We caught up with Jane outside her usual spot ... Kings Road Cafe, where she was chilling with Matt Sorum -- the Velvet Revolver drummer and soon-to-be groom -- and we've never seen her laugh this hard.

Jane absolutely busted up when we asked if she was giving Matt tips on achieving marital bliss. Her response is hysterical ... and maybe a little sad.

TMZ broke the story ... the "Glee" star is divorcing her wife, Dr. Lara Embry -- though she seems totally chill with the sitch in this clip.

Jane Lynch 'I Kinda Like Being Single'

It's clear marriage wasn't right for Jane Lynch -- at least not now -- 'cause the "Glee" star tells TMZ she's really diggin' the single life at the moment.

The always friendly Lynch was out in Bev Hills the other day when we asked her if she's ready to meet some new ladies, now that a couple of months have passed since she and wife Lara Embry split up.

But Lynch says she's not sure she wants to jump back into a relationship -- telling us, "I kinda like being single."

Makes sense, considering Lynch's divorce recently turned nasty -- with Embry trying to nail Jane to the wall with more than $93k per month in spousal support.

With those kinda problems, single life kinda makes sense ... right?

Jane Lynch I Still Believe in Gay Marriage

Jane Lynch scoffs at the notion that gay people have hastily jumped into marriage ... this in the wake of what has become a contentious divorce between her and wife Lara Embry.

TMZ broke the story ... Embry is now trying to nail Jane to the wall with spousal support ... she wants more than $93k a month.

Embry says she wants Jane to support her in the lifestyle to which she has become accustomed during their 3 years of marriage. Shockingly, Jane isn't blanching at that.

Check out the video.

Jane Lynch Estranged Wife Says I Want More Money!

Jane Lynch and Dr. Lara Embry's "amicable" divorce just turned "unfriendly" ... because Embry is making a full-court press for Jane's bank accounts -- to the tune of $93,809 a month in spousal support!

In new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Embry says for the last 3 years, Jane's average monthly income has been $234,688. Embry also says when she married Lynch, Jane told her she had $400,000 in her savings and 401K combined, and owned her home.

Embry says of her "Glee" wife, "Her income, investments and assets increased dramatically with her newfound acting success."

Embry -- who says she wants Jane to support her in the lifestyle to which she gladly became accustomed -- says during their marriage Jane paid for everything, including lavish vacations.

Embry says she and Jane typically racked up $40k a month on their credit cards.

According to Embry's docs, she currently earns pennies, but still spends in the neighborhood of $40,900 per month -- including an average of $6,500 on clothes, $12,000 on entertainment/gifts/vacation, and $4,500 on eating out (hehe).

Sources tell us ... Jane is already providing Embry with support. In fact, Embry and her daughter are living in the house Jane bought and Jane temporarily moved elsewhere. But the house is a big sticking point. Embry says they sunk $3 mil into the house for renovations and from the docs it seems she either wants the house or a 50% cut.

Sources tell us the couple did not have a prenup, which means assets acquired during the marriage will probably be split 50/50.

Jane filed to end her three-year marriage to Lara in July, citing "irreconcilable differences." The two first met in 2009 at a fundraiser in San Francisco. They were married a year later in Massachusetts.

Jane said recently the financial negotiations have been friendly, adding, "It's just money." Right.

Jane Lynch Doggin' It With Estranged Wife Look-alike

Jane Lynch and her estranged wife Lara Embry are BACK TOGETHER -- just kidding ... it's just one of Jane's close friends ... who happens to look exactly like Lara.

Jane hit the streets of West Hollywood Monday with their dogs -- and everyone on the planet thought Jane and Lara were patching things up, but it's just not so.

The other woman in the photo is actually Jane's longtime friend Laura Coyle ... but, yeah ... she does look A LOT like Lara.

As we reported, Jane revealed last month that she and her estranged wife were calling off their 3-year marriage.

Jane Lynch Files for Divorce

Jane Lynch is a woman of her word ... a month after announcing her marriage to wife Lara Embry was over, the actress has filed for divorce.

Jane just filed the docs in L.A. County Court, citing "irreconcilable differences." The 52-year-old "Glee" star met 44-year-old Embry back in 2009 at a fundraiser in San Francisco. They were married a year later in Massachusetts and registered for a domestic partnership in California soon after.

According to the doc, Jane and Lara have been separated since February. There are no minor children.

In the doc, Jane says she wants to terminate the court's jurisdiction to award Lara spousal support.

Sources connected to the couple have told TMZ they do NOT have a prenup, which means they can expect a 50/50 split of all marital assets ... but that will all be determined later.

Jane Lynch A House Divided Cannot Stand

Jane Lynch's 3-year marriage is coming to an end ... and a contributing factor may well have been a major remodel.

Lynch and her wife, Dr. Lara Embry, were in the middle of top-to-bottom renovation of their Hollywood Hills home when the marriage fell apart.

So you scoff at the notion a remodel could torpedo a relationship? Well in your face, because the L.A. Times even ran a story explaining that the stress caused by remodeling ranks somewhere between infidelity and meddling mother-in-laws.

You may also recall ... the marriage of WWE champ John Cena also imploded during a major remodel.

Short story -- a new bathroom or a new wife? Your choice.

Jane Lynch My Gay Marriage Is Over

Jane Lynch is pulling the plug on her marriage to wife Dr. Lara Embry ... just 3 years after tying the knot in Massachusetts, where gay marriage is legal.

Lynch just released a statement to People.com saying, "Lara and I have decided to end our marriage. This has been a difficult decision for us as we care very deeply about one another."

The 52-year-old "Glee" star met 44-year-old Embry back in 2009 at a fundraiser in San Francisco ... and they married in 2010.

Lynch and Embry are California residents and a California court will almost certainly dissolve the marriage, even though gay marriages are not legal in California. The State recognizes marriages from places where gay marriage is legal.

Now ... California is a community property state, which means unless there's a prenup, Lynch and Embry would split all assets acquired during the marriage 50/50. Although Embry's no slouch, Lynch has made a bundle on "Glee" and other projects.

Sources connected with the former couple tell TMZ ... they don't have a prenup.

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