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Khloe Kardashian

Cracked After Lamar OD Rumors Spread

9/15/2013 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian
still has deep feelings for the man she threw out of their house, because TMZ has learned she was terrified after hearing rumors Lamar Odom may have OD'd on crack.

Rumors were circulating late last week that Lamar had OD'd and was dying ... not all that unbelievable considering his drug addiction ... and when Khloe heard about it she freaked.

We're told Khloe "panicked" and began power dialing Lamar's cell phone, but it kept going to voicemail.  She then started calling his friends -- a bunch of them -- trying to figure out if the rumor was true.

She finally got Lamar on the phone.  He was at their downtown loft and said he was fine and the rumor was false. 

We're told at that point Khloe pulled back and reiterated -- Lamar could not come back home unless he got treatment for his drug addiction.  The call ended shortly thereafter.

So it seems she still loves the guy ... but had clearly drawn a line in the sand.


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Yawn! Another day, another pro Kardashian story. Those hand jobs must be addicting Harvey. Hope Kris brings the lube!

350 days ago


First of alldirack overdoses are fast not slow and basically you have a heart attack I know I smoked itfor over a decade all these Lamar rumors are complete and utter b.s. generated by the devil of a mother

350 days ago

The Zombie    

I actually feel for her. I've been in her shoes. No, I wasn't sucking a big black trouser trout, but I had a girlfriend who I loved that ended up being a crack head. It's tough. I hope she doesn't let him drag her down with him.

350 days ago


Sniff...sniff....What's that smell? Oh. Just more Kardashian BS. Harvey, stop with this nonsense. Just stop.

350 days ago


Let's get real here. She only knew him like 3 weeks before she married him. He had more money than she did when they met and all she saw (through her momager's eyes) was the $$$ train. The KKK brand is coming to an abrupt end and momager can't stop it. Bruce Jenner is out of the house (and her life), Kim is going to move Kanye and her daughter to her own house soon, so momager will be living in an empty house with huge mortgage payments and no show or daughters to support her lifestyle. Oh wait .... there's always Harvey's paid endorsements to keep her rolling in the BS dough!!!

350 days ago


Of course she's worried - no other man would want her. Heart that noise? It's TMZ scraping the bottom of the Kardashian barrel trying to

350 days ago


Such a shame someone so young is strung out on this ****. Poor guy hope he gets better soon.

350 days ago


Do the kartrashypigs even take a crap without informing the press?

350 days ago


It's obvious she loves her husband. Support her I got bash Her. Keep your mouth shut if you haven't walked in her shoes.

350 days ago


Harvey and Charles who's seems to be in charge(pun intended) this weekend . You can smear this Kardashion Shyt Spin this the Cows Come Home and nobody will believe it and there is no way on earth you are going sell Khloe Kardasahion as a worried loving wife after this Horrible hate feel assassination on Lamar that has been raging for the last two weeks...
The only thing she is scared of is Him filing for devorice first before she gets fake evidence to break the pre nup down pat.....
And Quess what the new season of the K Klan is going be about.....Saint Khloe and her attempts to save her man......thats a gareanette

350 days ago


Power dialing? Is that where you push the buttons really hard?

350 days ago


One more thing..............I hope the troll group who are working the weekend shift today are getting time and a half....They are here for the sole purpose to prompt the Kardashion and this story...the "I don't hate" or "I believe" etc ones...
So that the whole comment section is not of the new business's that have grown in PR field of entertainment....You got a client thats taking a beating in the gossips sites then hire this firm and they will troll the sites all day making positive comments and supporting your client....and they do tweeter and social net works like facebook etc....its a big business ...

350 days ago

a long time Leno fan!    

This girl needs to get "herself" help - by attending co-anon or another one of those family meetings for addicts. No amount of pleading, being extra super nice, giving him his space - "nothing" is going to save him but making his own decision to stop using. Ok so she thought by chasing him down and finding him he would all of a sudden be "better?" Coming out of his hiding place, instantly see the light and then what - all better now? She's delusional AND "she" is the one who needs help. After she decides to take better care of herself, to not react to his antics "regardless" of what she hears or sees him doing, only then will she start to live a more successful life herself. Then he'll eventually fall into some sort of line, maybe when the season requires him to. He "knows" what he's doing and how he's affecting her and everyone else around him - he hasn't lost his ability to know right from wrong even when he's using! Now who in their right mind wants a husband who has made the "conscious" decisions to sleep with untold other women, uses crack, uses coke AND she's trying to add to the Kardashian brand by disgracing their family empire?? Woman! This is the 21st century, wake up, move on! In layman's terms his behavior is called "abuse". Be a better person - break the cycle of abuse within your family.

350 days ago


Gosh, I recall hearing Mike, the "portly guy" on TMZ Live say a few weeks ago that Khloe DID NOT WANT these issues to play out in the media. Here we are some 2 weeks later and the issues are still being played out in the media.
Good thing for us pee-ons (dont get turned on Kim) someone "close to the situation" knew Khloe was PICNICKING...i mean panicking...and that she called a bunch of Lam-Lam friends to see if the OD rumors were true. Didn't she think to go their "downtown loft" to find him?
Also it's good to know the source knew WHAT Khloe was told to say by her pimp when she spoke to Lamb chops.
Its kinda funny that Fat-Squatch believed the OD rumor, she must not have received the Memo from the Pimp saying that would be the next "trick" used against Lamar.
It's laughable that TMZ thinks it's readers would "fall" for a story about a Trash-Kanians BELIEVING a rumor about themselves!!!!
Whatever happened to the bit about them (the Trash-Kan-Klan) not caring what others say about them or the rumors that go around about them? I guess THAT TOO is a FAT LIE

350 days ago


I can't believe that he is a crackhead. I'm stunned. He always seemed so athletic/healthy/happy. I feel sad for Lamar and Khloe. Awful.

350 days ago
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