'Grand Theft Auto V' Star TV Actors Are Chumps It's the Video Game Generation

9/18/2013 10:06 AM PDT

"Grand Theft Auto 5" star Shawn Fonteno (who plays Franklin in the game) believes the age of TV actors ... and even film actors ... IS OVER ... because video game actors are taking over the game BIG TIME.

Fonteno was hanging out by his skyscraper-sized "GTA" billboard last night in Downtown LA ... and hearing him talk, it's incredible. He's straight-up the real-life version of Franklin from the game. You gotta listen.

We ask him a bunch of questions -- about in-game strip clubs, how much $$$ he got paid, everything -- but the best part of the clip is when he craps all over TV actors.

Fonteno lists a bunch of statistics about how video games are overtaking TV and film, and he's not joking -- the projected sales for "Grand Theft Auto 5" are more than $1 BILLION. And that's for the first month alone.

Only a handful of films have ever pulled off numbers like that ... "Avatar," "Titanic," "The Avengers" ... so we gotta ask ...