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'Pippi Longstocking'

Shades of Kim K, Paris & Farrah

9/18/2013 9:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Pippi Longstocking" hit the streets yesterday and once again insisted she's only putting out her sex tape to beat a bitter ex-BF to the punch ...but we gotta ask, you really buyin' that?

We broke the story ... a Tami Erin sex tape was being shopped to various media outlets. At first, Tami claimed she would fight the release tooth and nail ... but later changed her mind.

We've seen this story a thousand times before ... with Paris, Kim, Farrah Abraham -- and they all got more famous and more rich after the sex tapes hit the market.

So, we gotta ask ... after watching the video, you think Tami is truly a victim trying to get ahead of a bad situation ... or was she in on it from the beginning?


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Just My Opinion    

Some people will release them taking a piss or $#!^, if the price is right.
They would even release a fricking tape of them doing it with their pet, if people are stupid enough to shell out a high price for it. With how are getting to be now a days, it wouldn't surprise me to come on here and read about that one day.

367 days ago


There used to be some dignity and limits in society. If you did something truly horrible (pornography) for profit then you paid the price by not EVER being a legitimate public figure/actress. Nowadays these women think they can lie to the public and therefore maintain opportunities in all areas of show business. Forget about the actresses living out of their cars and waitressing for years to pay their dues. Nope, they're basically prostitutes on film and then cry "leaked" so they can go back to normal opportunities. Sorry girls. It's legal prostitution for all of America to see and you will always be disgusting to those who've worked hard to get ahead. Quick money and your reputation gone in one fell swoop. Kim K got further because of an aggressive and hard-working mom who turned it around. But, she's destroyed inside. Look at her. Will never get over her decision to do a raunchy porn. She'll fight tooth and nail for the rest of her life to get over that tape. She could have done her reality and gotten ahead without it. It's not worth it. ESP., since he money is typically gone within a couple years anyway. Use your brain and keep your vagina to yourself please!!

367 days ago


I didn't watch it, but it's obvious she wants to cash in on the porno. Pathetic....

367 days ago


Google her and a bunch of slutty pics come up. I never even heard of her until this. Probably nobody has and she was getting tired of that. Of course she's in on it.

367 days ago


Tami Erin sex tape was being shopped.........................i hope they nail her good in all positions plus anaI...

367 days ago

paul a.    

whatever. she is stroke worthy

367 days ago


parents must be so proud of the nasty kum dumpster whore they raised

367 days ago


she's hesitating, Vivid & TMZ want her to f*ck Mr. Nilsson...

367 days ago


I'd "smash" Ah,oh ,no! Never mind.

367 days ago


Do you want to know how you can tell she's in on it?

You keep having to introduce her as the girl who played Pippi Longstocking in a movie that came out in 1988.

367 days ago


iam yong man i want yong and beutiful lady from southern amereca i want to create a relationship with her

367 days ago


but Farrah made a PORNO not a sex tape!!!
stop calling that! shes a PORN STAR
you dont go to a porn company and hire a male famous porn star, have a crew film it and call it a "sex tape" and act like "oops it got out..omg!" no Farrah is a sluty ass porn star that's it

366 days ago

This is sickening    

The man next to her looks like certain well equipped porn star.

366 days ago


Now how on God's green earth would a paparazzo have just randomly recognized this nobody out in public? NOT A CHANCE IN HELL! She tipped TMZ off to come film this interview with her. She's a desperate famewh0re.

344 days ago


i have searched it today and found that site
it's already there

332 days ago
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