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Jon Gosselin

Yeah, I Fired My Gun

9/21/2013 6:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin has no apology for firing a warning shot to scare off a trespassing paparazzo, because he tells TMZ it's within his legal right.

Gosselin says the female photog is the one who broke the law by trespassing and repeatedly refusing to leave his private property ... which he says gave him the right to bust a cap.

"I am licensed to carry a concealed handgun, which I withdrew and used to fire a warning shot AWAY from the paparazza" Jon says, adding, "It is well within my rights under Pennsylvania law when someone is trespassing on private property."

Gosselin is calling the photogs bluff -- she says she's filing police report -- because he's certain cops will tell her a thing or two about trespassing and a person's right to protect their property.

Jon says he's mulling over his own legal right ... because he's really pissed at the pap.

Whether it's legal or not for Jon to fire the shot ... it did the trick.



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TMZ, I live in PA and it is legal for him to have shot -- we have a Castle Doctrine that allows him to shoot without retreating first. The photographer can complain, but Gosselin is right that the cops will tell her she has no case.

394 days ago



394 days ago


As much as I hate Jon Gosselin, if it's true that the paparazzi trespassed onto his private property, then I feel he has the right to protect himself. However, firing a weapon into the air is also dangerous because the bullet has to land somewhere.

394 days ago


Loser. Too bad he didn't aim at his head.

394 days ago


Seriously- You people are just sick- harassing and humiliating people till you drive them to the edge- be proud- so proud, you are THE *******s of the world- and there is a place for you in hell- Leave people and their problems alone you skanks- like you live perfect lives. I have reached a point where I find the behavior from TMZ and the rest of the photos who attempt to get a rise out of others so they have a story- just wallowing in the negativity- s***!

394 days ago

Jeff Becker    

Good for him. Blast away! The Paparazzi is a Pain in the Ass! Although, his 15 minutes are up, why the are bothering with him anyways is beyond me.

394 days ago

Lucy in the Sky    

Good for him! He has a right to feel safe on his property. Trespassing is trespassing, no matter the reason.

394 days ago

Lisa G    

Sounds fair to me. Point your camera at me on my private property and I'll point my gun at you. Maybe if we could declare it open season on parasites carrying cameras we could restore some sanity to this despicable so-called "career".

394 days ago


This fool is slipping away!! Yes he has a right to carry a gun but a call to the cops will keep him from having once a month visitation with his kids in the "big house".
Before you go to shoot someone, there should be some responsible actions preceeding the shot. His life wasn't threatened. What you did fool but show Kate's lawyers some great info when they go to court!! Photogs are pesty and bothersome but you shoot one and you've entered a whole new and different world!!

394 days ago


He was perfectly within his rights. Usually you should see a sign saying no tresspassing , violatilors will be shot. He shot the gun in the air in a forest. Not at her, she was breaking the law by being there, he was not. This woman needs to recover and move on, she is the bad guy this time.

394 days ago

my 2 cents    

It"s Pap hunting season !

394 days ago


I do t get it. He fired "away from the paparazzi". Why would anyone do that? I mean....I'm not suggesting he kill the pap, he can aim low - at least hit a knee cap.

394 days ago


If that's the law in Pennsylvania, and I'm sure Gosslin knows about the gun laws in his state, the pap can go pound sand.

394 days ago


Clearly he is an attention hog, wow what is his problem. Sitting at home minding his own business of course he know he gets all the attention doing that. His ex has the right idea about NOT being an attention hog, going on TV and such

394 days ago


No wonder there is so much gun crime in the USA. Get some control people , everyone running around with guns is lunacy. The paps are very annoying, but she wasn't threating him , he could have just phoned the police. He didn't mind the paps when he was running around playing big shot.

394 days ago
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