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Michael Douglas' Ex-Wife

'I Stand By Michael...

Let Me See My Son!'

9/23/2013 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Douglas and his ex-wife -- who once battled bitterly -- are in lockstep over what they call the barbaric treatment of their imprisoned son ... TMZ has learned.

Diandra De Morrell Douglas tells TMZ ... their son Cameron has been treated like an animal while in solitary confinement at the Cumberland Federal Prison in Maryland.  He's serving 10 years for heroin possession and conspiracy to distribute narcotics.  Cameron failed a drug test in prison and was placed in solitary until recently.

As you know ... Michael talked about Cameron after winning an Emmy for "Behind the Candelabra," saying he wants to visit his son badly but isn't allowed.

Diandra tells us when Cameron got out of solitary he couldn't walk in the daylight, because his skin would burn because it couldn't adapt after living in an underground hole for so long.  His hair is also falling out.

Diandra says even though Cameron is out of solitary, part of his punishment is no visitors.

We called prison officials ... they were very abrupt with us, and said everything's confidential.


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Hes a phkn criminal...should be treated like the rest...No beeter, because his fathers rich......cameron is no better then the people hes with! Do the crime pay the time...youre not at club med azzwipe!

395 days ago


Doing heroin while inside prison? I don't understand why prison officials would be upset.

395 days ago


That calls for a petition on

395 days ago


He was busted with a huge amount of meth, not heroin, i think he had a small amount of heroin, but the major conviction is for meth......

395 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Underground hole?... lmao. It's a just cell with no windows and a solid steel door with a slider for CO's to peek through. This ain't the 1700's. Understand that your son was a drug dealer/addict that dealt drugs that no only killed thousands of people but killed the user's as well and most times destroyed family bonds. So should we feel pity for him? I personally think not.

395 days ago

She's baaaack    

Can we just back up a minute? I don't think you just randomly get thrown into "solitary" and never see the light of day just because of drugs. You don't get that kind of treatment unless there are serious problems with your behavior, like if you're one of those shlt throwers or violent biters or something. He's not sitting in some cave type dungeon just because he was a druggie. Not saying it's nice treatment but it doesn't just happen out of the blue. So what aren't we being told?

395 days ago


Earth to the parents....exactly WHERE do you think your son is at...a country club???

No, he's in prison.

And prisons have rules, which your son has repeatedly broken (i.e. failing drug tests and being caught with drugs while incarcerated)...just like he did when he was out on the streets....arranging and making drug deals.

You didn't take the time to raise him so the system has to.

Go somewhere and sit down and shut up.

He is exactly where he needs to be....and he shouldn't get any special privaleges because his last name is Douglas.

Hopefully this will teach him not to do the crime if he can't do the time.

395 days ago


Diandra divorced Michael because he was a sex addict. This is before the internet. dad was probably never home. Getting his own fix.

395 days ago


Treated like an animal ??? NO !! Treated like a person !! Please stop relating mistreating to animals !!

395 days ago


Um, where are his younger children? Catherine is in China and getting rehab for her issues, he is making Liberace movies and cracking jokes on the Emmys...who's keeping an eye on THESE kids? Will history repeat itself? I hope not.

395 days ago


Um,...that what happens when your caught with heroin and when you sell narcotics...Hey Mike, think about all the peoples lives he f&cked up by selling that crap...

395 days ago


Douglas' want their son to have privileged lifestyle in prison -- maybe they should buy the prison and free the jerk. He's not sick, he's a dealer and a looser. They are the problem, too.

395 days ago


I work at a prison and if inmate fails a drug test they are sent to the hole for disciplinary reasons and their visits are taken away until the investigaton of how they got the drugs is cleared. But for TMZ dont get the wrong idea when you call for information on an inmate CO's aren't allowed to give info, and fir tje rudeness i can relate sometime the family members of inmates can be irritating

395 days ago


I'm sure his skin is burning and his hair is falling out, NOT!!! Boo-hoo!! It's called JAIL, not the country club. And, I'm sure all the jailhouse drugs he's taking couldn't possibly be what's causing his problems.

395 days ago


Solitary confinement means in the cell 23 hours per day out of cell to go outside to an exercise cell for an hour or some other supervised activity.

395 days ago
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