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Justin Bieber

Kicks Lil Za, Lil Twist Out

After Jewelry Heist

9/24/2013 9:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

11:43 AM PDT:  Justin Instagrammed a few minutes ago, "Don't listen to em.  I still got all my jewelry."  Here's the deal.  Justin is lying to cover for his "friends."  A half hour later, he took the comment down.  Let us assure you ... the theft happened, and he kicked the Lils out of the house.

Justin Bieber has finally had it ... TMZ has learned Lil Twist and Lil Za are both persona non grata at his Calabasas mansion after expensive jewelry went missing.

Sources connected to the Biebs tell TMZ ... Justin was furious earlier this month when he discovered the jewelry and other items were nowhere to be found.  Twist and Za had both been staying at the house and they had thrown several parties in Justin's absence.

We're told Justin had no idea who stole the items, but blamed Twist and Za because it was on their watch.  He ordered them out and our sources say both of them are PISSED.

We're told Justin has finally seen the light that he's gotta change ... or else.  Justin just performed in Singapore (above) and actually showed up 15 minutes early, but not before he gave 30 tickets to kids from a local orphanage.  

Our sources say Justin is privately saying he knows he's been on a bad path, and it seems at least for now he's moving in the right direction.



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Celeb Gossip Addict    

This would be a huge step toward finally transitioning into adulthood. Let's see how long it lasts.

393 days ago


"He ordered them out and our sources say both of them are PISSED."
Did they think they were supposed to live there forever???
I read last week that Justin had gotten them apartments in West Hollywood, a beautiful and expensive part of town, and this is how they repay him, by stealing his stuff on their way out???

393 days ago


Shocked! Who could have seen this coming?

Practically anyone older than ten, that's who.

393 days ago


Im still over him. Cant blame others for the choices he's made. Some if thats on him and until he's ownes it, he's still a punk to me. Jmo

393 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

TMZ I'll give you $5.00 if you show a picture of where those guys live no. Do a side by side comparison of the place they or their parents could afford to live and Justin's house. I'll throw in another $5.00 if they are crying and cuddling up to mommy in the pics. PLEASE!

393 days ago


It's about time he turfed the little hangers' on.

393 days ago


He will find a few more creeps to move in with him. He can't do without his butt buds!

393 days ago

I hope he finally relizes what a bad influence those people were on him..

393 days ago


Great!! Now maybe he can take responsibility for HIS actions and start G R O W I N G U P

393 days ago

William Kramer    

good now pull your damn pants up......maybe there is help for Miley now? Maybe they put something in the water out there?

393 days ago


Still a loser

393 days ago


Letting your mooch dbag friends live with you and have constant access to your house and stuff is dumb....

I wonder if this train wreck can ever be cleaned up....

393 days ago


You bet they're pissed. They just lost their free-celebrity-money-ride. I bet they have flames shooting out of their nostrils. Users!!!
Justin, the only way you can be sure of true friendship, is to live like non-celebrities do, where everyone pays for themselves. If you are going to throw money around, a true friend would be insulted by that. A true friend would want equal contribution and respect. What did they ever do for you? Did they buy you lunch sometimes. Did they give thought to a special gift?
Stop living outside of the reality of society. In this society, we earn a living, and then we shut up about it, pay our bills and do not flaunt that which we have achieved.
Maybe there is hope for your manhood after all, JB.

393 days ago


Wow that's a shocker, black people stealing? It can't be true.

393 days ago


About time he dropped the charity for freeloading black kids.

393 days ago
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