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Amanda Bynes

Bails On UCLA

For Malibu Rehab Joint

9/30/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Bynes
left the UCLA Medical Center, where she was getting treatment for a serious mental illness, and is now ensconced at a fancy Malibu rehab center that caters to celebs ... TMZ has learned.

It's shocking ... the facility does not have the psychiatric facilities available at UCLA, and we're told she's still in a desperate state.  It's all the more shocking because she's under a special hold -- called an LPS -- which doctors got because they were so concerned about her well-being.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Amanda checked in to The Canyon approximately 3 weeks ago.  She interacts with people very little and rarely leaves the area where she's living. 

Amanda is not wearing her wig and is "paranoid" the paparazzi will find her.

The Canyon got in big trouble in 2011 ... after an employee allegedly sold confidential information about Brooke Mueller during her stay.  We're told Brooke settled her lawsuit against the facility for somewhere around $250k.



No Avatar


Stop reporting on her mental condition - let her get well - these reports only add to her problems - just like when Brittney Spiers was having trouble - mental illness is REAL - where are the HIPPA laws protecting Amanda??

387 days ago



Whoever helped Amanda do this -

Is enabling Amanda -

Insuring that Amanda won't gain Insight -

Into what's happened and happening.

You don't walk away from UCLA's great N.P.I.

Dispute their findings.

They're the best in the World -


387 days ago


She should not be out for any reason... Get her a life prison..

387 days ago


I just dont understand how you can get all this inside private information, regarding her condition and the state of her finances. But you cant manage to see her walk out of a building three weeks ago. Obviously, all the information before this is crap. how could you say she is in a "desperate" state? Regardless of your awful research, her condition must be improving, because i dont think she would have been transferred to a facility with minimal psychiatric care if she wasnt more or less stable. TMZ=Joke.

387 days ago


I wish they would leave this young sick girl alone...she shouldn't have to worry about the paparazzi

387 days ago



IS life-threatening (Amanda's hotel decision).

I gave up trying to deal with mental illness.

Mentally-ill people.

They have a convoluted logic, way of thinking.

That's either destroyed or is destroying them.

"Reason" doesn't work on mental illness.

You can present all of the proof known to man.

And this convoluted logic and thinking they possess?

Will refute it as if ridiculous.

You almost can't believe how tricky a thing this is.

I gave up -

For my own well-being, peace of mind, personal safety -

Cuz they'll run you ragged - destroy you - everyone goes down with the ship.

Her lawyers and agents can't care about Amanda.

If they're helping her escape what both N.P.I. and a Judge ruled was critical.

Is N.P.I. easy - no - the locked third floor corridors are terrifying -

But you can be the one who literally gets better.

IF you listen to them.

IF you understand they don't have an-axe-to-grind, a horse-in-the-race, etc.

Amanda's lawyers/agents have a-horse-in-the-race.

387 days ago


Amanda's decision to wait-out-her-hold.

In a hotel?

If life-threatening.

That's how serious a situation this is.

387 days ago



387 days ago

Leah O'Brien    

Rehab facilities do not treat mental illness'....Who is in charge of her care?...they are responsible for her life, clearly she is not capable....sad

386 days ago

Ati kh    

that's socks!!!!!

386 days ago


TMZ you guys are disgusting why tell the whole world what rehab centre shes at? Now she will be harassed and creepy paps will do anything to try and get an exclusive pic of her. This poor woman is seriously mentally ill and the last thing she needs are paps bothering her. If shes very paranoid this will affect her recovery. Leave this ill woman alone and let her get the help she needs in peace. This is not a selfish, drug addict, loser like Lohan this woman is not well and seriously disturbed. TMZ should be ashamed of themselves.

386 days ago

The Atlanta Church Of Satan     

She's getting excellent treatment and everything will turn out well.

386 days ago


People suffering from mental health afflictions don't need websites and other faceless names making snarky comments about them. How bad off is the TMZ staff, that they have to kick people when they're trying to get back up?

386 days ago


Hey TMZ, I love celebrity gossip, but really! Posting BS about a young woman whose desperately sick through no fault of her own? How about we leave Amanda alone to heal and focus on the stupid celebrities who bring it on themselves. Yeah, I'm talkin' about you Kanye, Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kris, and Lindsay.

386 days ago


If Amanda decides to knock off the entire TMZ staff who will report on her illness?

386 days ago
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