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Lamar, Khloe

Showdown Over Drugs

'The Last Straw'

10/4/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian
had a nuclear confrontation with Lamar Odom that could be the last straw in their marriage ... TMZ has learned.

As TMZ first reported ... Lamar went to their Tarzana house Tuesday ... to pick up some clothes and speak with Khloe.  Now we know what was said ... and what she found.

Sources connected with the couple tell TMZ ... Lamar told her he had been sober for 3 days and planned to stay sober on his own ... without going to rehab.  We're told Khloe recoiled in anger, telling Lamar he was in denial and needed rehab.  She also said she wanted nothing to do with him until he entered an inpatient program.

Our sources say at some point during the meeting, Khloe found a pipe with a stash that looked like crack in a baggie.  It's not clear if she found it on his person or the clothes he was picking up from the house.

Sources close to Lamar tell us Khloe went ballistic, calling Lamar a "liar" and telling him, "I'm done with you."  Khloe then threw him out of the house.

Our sources say Lamar seemed "out of it" during the meeting and even accused Khloe of stealing his stash.

As for the marriage ... we're told Khloe has "not done anything legal yet," but, as she put it, finding the stash "was the last straw."



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well Lamar, between the divorce that will be heading your way and your crack habit, you will be broke before long. Good luck with that homie

383 days ago


She-yit. It would take a ton of drugs and alcohol to phee-yuck that ask hole ugly Khloe Kartrashican. Who could blame poor ole Lamar Odo-who-thaFks-hisface?

383 days ago


Lamar likes Big Butts and he cannot lie.

383 days ago


ROL is reporting the viewership for Keeping Up With The Trashkanians is dropping to the "danger zone".
The show is obviously scripted and the viewing public has grown tired of their antics - all of which are done in the name of GREED.
Hopefully this will follow in the footsteps of KRIS and get canceled.

383 days ago



383 days ago


HEY TMZ, Kim returned from Paris recently how come you're not covering her "arrival"? You made such a big deal out of the fact that she and her GAY boyfriend flew to SF private to then take a flight to Paris.
Yet there's NOTHING about her "big return"?

383 days ago


HEY Harvey, how come you failed to report the FACT that Kris Jenner's "talk show" - you know that one where she sat around boring her audience with stories about herself and her family - has been CANCELED.

383 days ago


Makes no sense....if you kick someone out of your home because of his drug use (after hiding itfor so long) you make sure the house is clear of drugs....just so you won't be found holding don't wait for a kodak moment with witnesses (or sources) to conveniently the stash.Kimmy hsd investigstors follow Scott don't think that they would have swept that house???? Just too well scripted to be believed

383 days ago


I like ho wit says sources connected to TMZ tells the story....of the source is Mrs Jenner... The family make me sick!

383 days ago


khloe is the source reporting to tmz on this one. how is it that he went to the house that 'he bought'. to talk to his so called wife, about personal details and with everything that is going on in the media you would think that they would be talking in private, how is it that tmz knows about the entire conversation from top to bottom, if khloe didnt tell it to tmz herself she to it to her mother or one of her sisters and they told tmz, but khloe is responsible for this report.

383 days ago


It's funny ever since word came out that Lamar is using drugs, TMZ now has an inside family source giving them every detail! Something smells fishy! Khloe is just trying to use this as an excuse for her failing marriage rather than the fact that she's unable to conceive.

383 days ago


That does it!
On DUCK DYNASTY no nothin nasty
well just some down home shootin of frogs n nat but they do thank GOD and pray at the end of each show.
Something this K family should consider..
Like I said before...
yes some folks thing DD is scripted but HEy what reality show ain't scripted?
Come on...
do ya wanna go to heaven or keep going to HELL with the K family?
Choose watch Uncle Si ride his wheel chair down a busy highway or watch the K family put on makeup or show off their riches..mansions and such.
As for me I'm watchin Si....

383 days ago


Lamar, leave her. She's toxic. Her family is also toxic. Every single article has been without merit and is hearsay. They have ruined the lives of other men who have professional careers. Look how the Kardashians treat Bruce Jenner. From Season 1 the girls were so terrible to him. That's a reflection of how they will treat their men. Run far, run fast. The only way to save yourself is to go to Kardashian Rehab. Their reign will end soon enough and it will take EVERYONE down with them.

383 days ago


I'm bothered that Lamar's been outed and humiliated in the press -

That this is more of a P.R. War -

Denial's a tough thing -

-but I'd go to Dr. Phil or someone qualified for the right strategy.

Lamar said he wants to handle this privately -

With some dignity, some respect.

So you have to see his side, as well.

Sure I'm a big Kardashian fan and person -

But their expertise isn't in recovery.

"If we shine a gigantic media flood-light into and onto the issue -"

"The issue will resolve itself."

That or back-fire and leave everyone bloody.

I outed a condition the same way - the only thing it helped me to do was distance myself -

But a lot of blood came my way as a result.

If it's intolerable you just walk away.

But that's hard, too - walking quietly away wasn't something I was capable of years back.

Plus Khloe's been humiliated by the allegations of woman and cheating.

- so why should she care from this point forward.

Why shouldn't she WANT blood?

I did.

383 days ago


Nobody cares. Eff him, her, and her big fat ass.

383 days ago
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