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President Obama

Redskins Name is Offensive

... I'd Probably Change It

10/5/2013 9:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Congress might be shut down ... but President Barack Obama found time to dive into the debate over the Washington Redskins name -- telling a reporter he would "think about changing" the team name because it offends people.

The Prez was asked about the issues renewed controversy over the past few months ... and proclaimed nostalgia isn't a good enough reason to keep the name.

Saying if he were team owner ... there'd be serious discussion about changing it.

However, Barack doesn't think fans of the name are being racist -- they're just passionate for team history.

Obama joins a growing movement of people once again pushing for the change -- including NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Name change or not ... the Redskins still suck this season.

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hillbilly girl    

All the problems this country has and he comments on the redskins I think its flattering they were called a lot worse than redskins and if it weren't for them we'd still b n england

391 days ago


Who cares? Go lead the country for once.

391 days ago


Obama could cure cancer and you would all still hate on him.

391 days ago


Somebody should tell the Navajo Red Mesa High School Redskins their mascot name is offensive.

391 days ago


he is worthless, next he will have a law changing all names he doesn't like

391 days ago


Every team name is offensive to someone. We could name the Redskins " " and it would still offend someone. It is a battle that cannot be won.

391 days ago


Why does everyone look at this as a negative. It could also be construed as a compliment. I'm sure the team is proud to have the name Redskins. And Mr. Obama, you have so many more important things on your plate. Try dealing with them.

391 days ago


Obama for president of this country offends me...I am highly offended

391 days ago


I no Obama probably sits in a room sometimes like THESE MFS CRAZY.

391 days ago


Really, that's what your thinking about right now. You need to call both sides in to your office and gets this straightened out. What kind of leader are you....act like one and don't try and ram your personal ideas down our throats.........get to work!!

391 days ago


Early WHITE America used the term 'Savages' for an excuse to mow them down with a Gatling gun when they are asked to stand up and be counted among the tribes, during their illegal internment. But we know they were not savages. Now the term is replaced by Military Gladiator's as 'Towel- heads', and 'Haggi's'.

391 days ago


Dear Mr. Obama,
Please get your priorities straight!

391 days ago


When have we as people became so sensitive... Has the name Redskins not been around for YEARS?? now all of a sudden it's offensive. We as people need not to take things so literal and offensive to every little word that someone may say or comment on. The prez needs to stop worrying about something so small and fix the goverment shut down ASAP.

391 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Hey. Have any of you Obama voters logged on to see where you stand with THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT??

Well folks... I am NOT an Obama voter but I did log on. I currently have an outstanding Blue Cross policy that cost me $275 per month when Obama was elected. The same plan under Obamacare is $858 per month.

See there ya d@mn fools?? You drank the kool-aid and now you are screwed.

Best of luck to all of you morons who voted for the cool guy.

391 days ago


The wizard of smart our Imperial
president has nothing better to do while the government is shut down? This guy is going down in the history books as a total joke. He seems to think he was elected as our dictator instead of president. He is quickly turning this country into a banana republic. He claimed when he was elected he would bring people together, he has divided this country more and has caused more problems then any president in history. He seems to think when he speaks all his loyal subjects must bow and worship at his feet.

391 days ago
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