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Casey Kasem



10/7/2013 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


It's between the wife and kids of Casey Kasem -- his kids have just filed legal docs to win a conservatorship, seizing control from their stepmom ... TMZ has learned.

We broke the story ... Casey's 3 adult kids have been blocked from even seeing their ailing dad -- who is suffering from advanced Parkinson's. 

Our sources say the kids gave Jean an ultimatum over the weekend ... deal with them or else they'd file legal docs today.   We're told it was radio silence at Jean's house, so family sources tell us .. the kids just made their move.

Wrestling control from Jean -- who has been married to Casey for 33 years -- will be next to impossible, but they're definitely trying.

As for what caused the rift, we're hearing different stories from both sides -- pretty typical.



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The kids are vultures. How dare they insert themselves? Kasey and Jean have been married for 33 years. Skum bags.

318 days ago


Greedy people none of the parties involved are out for the health of him they just want his money

318 days ago


I will never forget the time both Casey and his wife Jean, were local co-hosts of the Jerry Lewis telethon many years back, and Casey just happened to be talking to a pretty woman on camera to fill up time. Someone handling the phones I think. The camera man messed up with the live shot, pointing at wife Jean by accident, and in that split second, caught her giving killer looks at her husband as he spoke to that woman. Those killer looks have been embedded in my memory ever since. She wanted to kill!

There are two sides to every story. Maybe Casey doesn't want to see anybody. The kids can't possibly win conservatorship. This is a rich family and I am sure Jean has the house immaculate, and provides excellent care for her husband. Only if she doesn't do the kids stand a chance.

318 days ago


I went through this exact thing. I have a brother who *hated my dad. The only words he would say to him were"I f*cking hate you " then storm off. For 30 years he treated my dad like pure evil cr*p.
Then last year my dad gets advanced incurable cancer... Wella the evil brother...POOF! shows up, bawling his eyes out.... On my dads death bed.
He secretly started taking money from him because my dad was soooooooo Happy he came and eh hem.... made amends.... Yeah RIIIIIIGHT!
He then started to be mean to the rest of us brothers and siters and tried to KEEP US from our dieng father! In the hospital, Hospice. He was hell! It was so stressful! Not only to lose our father that WE all were in his life! And this creep made it so stressful for us! I will NEVER forgive him( My ex-brother) for doing that to me.... As well as the rest of the REAL loving family that was put through hell by this selfish brother. The funeral was hell because of him as well. He got my father to say on his DEATH BED that he was leaving everything to him! And uhhhhh, my mom????? He wants to throw her in a nursing home and let medicare pay for it....
I say, if Casey Kasems kids stayed away that long and didn't make amends.... keep them away now cuz it is for their own selfish reasons, and is putting his wife, the real one that loved and cared for him through hell right now!

318 days ago


The "kids" his grown children, never should have brought signs and cameras and make a fuss outside of the house. Sign of disrespect and desperation in public may mean the same happens in private. Just my opinion.

318 days ago


What this lady has done is isolated him from everyone, and it sounds like for a very long time. Typical sign of abuse - control>>>Frightening to think what she has done to him behind locked doors. I hope the children at least win visitation rights - without this monster present.

318 days ago


His brood is good looking. All I got.

318 days ago


He cut his kids out of his will a long time ago to appease his wife. This isn't about money. They've been trying to see him for years but the step-mom had never let them.

318 days ago


Sorry, guys, being marriedf to him for 32 years she has control of all money. They will NEVER get conservitorship but they are filing that to see there dad. I really hate that kids, from years ago, and seeing there dad for years and years, months and months and then getting cute off a few months befeore he's at his worst, rally????

318 days ago


She has been with him for three decades. Wonder how often his children called or visited. Why is it when the parent is near death the children sue the wife ? Is it about the Will? Why do the kids need a conservatorship. She's taken care of and been wedded happily to him for 32 years.

318 days ago


32 years? Time to get rid of that platinum blonde weave and Botox infused lips and start acting her age.

318 days ago


How can this woman ban the children from seeing their father. Sounds like she wants to protect any income so she will have it all. This is very sad. The court needs to step in before it is to late.

318 days ago


Am I the only one who thinks Casey's beautiful children have the right not only to see him but to be included in his will? They were in his life long before the greedy stepmother ever appeared.

318 days ago


For once, I really don't think this is about money. You can't make changes to somebody's will under duress. This is just a bitter woman's childish revenge against the kids who never accepted her. It's not likely that they'll get a conservatorship, but they are probably just hoping that if they make her life difficult enough that she'll cave and let them see their dying father. Very sad, and I hope it works out for them.

318 days ago
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