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Kanye West

Yeah, I'll Attack Disrespectful Photogs

10/10/2013 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West
made it clear last night on Jimmy Kimmel's show ... he will fight the paparazzi with physical force if they cross the line in the sand ... the line Kanye has drawn.

It's pretty amazing.  Kanye is facing criminal charges for attacking a photog at LAX.  Prosecutors want to use video of Kanye's greatest hits.  And now you can bet they will use his comments on Kimmel to show he's an angry man out for blood.  And by the way, he's sayin' that's how people from Chicago are raised.

Kanye also buried the hatchet with Jimmy over the skit that caused a huge rift -- and Kimmel kinda apologized.

And of course, Kanye said he's a genius.


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seeing this flip side of kanya
makes it easier in understanding his perspective
good job to jimmy "condescending" kimmel
in proving how white american males are cowards ..
one min you talk **** behind his back, the next, smiles and kisses a s s.. disgusting.!!!
but overall a great interview. bravo to kanya in staying true to his conviction, all while articulating with passion and truth....
im a great believer in people being loud and clear about who they are, once they are not hurting anybody or putting anyone cant discriminate against people and expect them to take it... i really admire his will to be truthful...
funny how most of you are also loud and obnoxious, but its only to put people down and force them to accept YOUR bull****....

345 days ago

The world is disgusting    

Is he saying he is an animal? What the hell is the Zoo reference about?

345 days ago

The world is disgusting    

Jeez! He never makes any sense and sounds like a blubbering idiot every time he opens his mouth!!

345 days ago

Pudding Tang    

See kanyay in 'When Zoo Animals Attack'

345 days ago


What a moron. Many famous people can deal with paps/media accordingly. His lack of coping skills just prove that he's too immature to.

345 days ago


Jimmy Kimmel- what a kiss ass, hanging on to every word. He keeps referring to Kim as Kanye's wife. They are NOT married, she is a mistress.The audience laughing & cheering?
Kanye is preposterous~

345 days ago


WHY would they bring their baby? to the Kimmel show, of ALL places.No one actually SAW a child,only a stroller. Kim looked like an enslaved Muslim woman, in her long ,stained up robe. She also appears heavily sedated.In a daze,perhaps.

345 days ago


What a piece of Crap. He talks like an idiot, not a genius, and dresses like a bum. Shame on Jimmy Kimmel for giving this jerk all that air time. He is just a short black man with big balls.

345 days ago


Blah blah blah

345 days ago


He's a figment of his own imagination.

345 days ago


Dont forget he also mention that he understand they got to make a livin .. . But all the papps have to do is take a couple of picture and be on they way... But they wonts to attack him with question come on they know he's not gonna talk so why keep askin question ..... And ps i just love him even more cause he spoke the truth and its just shows that people still cant handle the truth .... You can learn to hate him or love him and he let that been know several of times.... But one thing for sure that bytch dont need a star on the walk of fame reason beenin cause that hoe is famouse for no damn reason ,....

345 days ago


Dude YOU ARE NOT THE GENIUS. I Guarantee it. Get over yourself. If you were that smart you would've have sold your sold and your mothers. You're just another bitch of jayz and being used as a puppet.

345 days ago


I hate Kanye West. What a douche

345 days ago



345 days ago


Two idiots make up on TV. Boring.

345 days ago
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