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'Foo Fighters' Taylor Hawkins

Gene Simmons is an Idiot

Cobain and Winehouse are Icons

10/12/2013 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gene Simmons disputing Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse's icon status is nuts ... so says Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, who tells us it doesn't matter how many albums both made.

In case you missed it, Gene told Team Rock Radio this month that Cobain and Winehouse were only considered icons because they died young ... not because of their music.

But Hawkins -- whose been in Foo with Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl for years -- was fired up about the topic ... telling TMZ Gene's opinion is "nonsense."

So we gotta ask ...


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hey guys been an icon is no great thing, it ranks just above lawyers and just below journo's

345 days ago


You can't determine someones status as being a legend solely based off the number of albums they produced...Amy Winehouse was a musical/lyrical genius who DESERVES the recognition of being an icon...So does that make Reba McEntire an instant legend just based off of the face she has made 68 albums and out of ALL those albums she has only written (and this is no exaggeration) MAYBE 4 or 5 of her own songs...and has other people doing the majority of the work for her..she is nothing but a cover girl. Amy Winehouse put her heart and soul into her music and was a pure perfectionist when it came to her work as well as being a genius lyricists...And not only that she was also a fashion icon!

345 days ago


Anyone else hate that every story ends with ...So we gotta ask... I mean seriously, some times that ending doesn't even make sense. I hate it.

So I gotta ask...

345 days ago


Gene is right. Suicide and drug overdoses do not equal icon status. Lets focus on the living icons like Gene Simmons. These tortured artists that die young are boring and predictable.

344 days ago


These artists made an impact on their genres of music, but "iconic?" I think that can be argued.

344 days ago


some musicians HAVE TO MAKE music to make their heads right like Cobain and Winehouse, others CHOOSE to make music, to make a buck or whatever. The former are actual artists.

344 days ago


At what point did Taylor say Gene Simmons is an idiot? Stop sh*t stirring and stalking people. Taylor as always staying classy.

344 days ago


Cobain changed and saved rock in the 90s ! Winehouse def had a powerful voice..Def rememberable def iconic voices of music wether you love the music or hate it ..You cant deny that and their talent !!

344 days ago

cryptic rascal    

Gene Simmons is the biggest ego tripper on the planet.If it isnt about him, then it doesnt matter. by the way kiss is all sucky musicians playing bar chords.

344 days ago

Stupid ppl    

Kurt Cobain is the reason why I started listening to rock music as l was growing up in the 90's ,His only saying this b/c of the down fall of 80's Hairbands so of course he would say such negative things about Kurt.I don't why ppl listen to this idiot he talks way too much, just another old fart who can't keep up with the time.FYI I 'll remember Amy Winehouse before I'll remember his old a$$.

343 days ago

Sharon Osbourne    

Taylor's a phenomenal drummer, but he's wrong.

Gene $immons was absolutely correct.

343 days ago


Look if the Beatles are icon cannot say that Kurt is on that level, Joplin Hendrix Lennon Cobain... Everyone has to see how wrong that is. I also thought of another proof. Joplin Hendrix and Lennon all have autocorrect on so that it capitalises the initial letter and recognises the name, cobain does not.........what does that tell you? If Hendrix and Joplin are icons putting Kurt in here take their credibility down

343 days ago

Stupid ppl    

@Sam it seems that your being very bias and your picking around Gene words he said they are not icon b/c they didn't live long enough to put out more albums and their only icons b/c of their deaths .So how does that excuse Joplin ,Jim ,Jimi and all the rest that died the same age as Kurt? clearly b/c of the grunge movement in the early 90's along with Pearl jam ,Alice and chains etc made 80's Hairbands looked chessy and outdated .And it's your and Gene opinion if you don't view Kurt and Amy as icons..... it doesn't mean you and him along w/ anybody else who agrees is right.

343 days ago


Gene Simmons is an egotistical retard. Having said that nirvana was **** and if whinehouse is an icon then I give up being a muso. Co sin did nothing they weren't pioneers so hey didn't steer anything I a new direction. Musical icon for grunge soundgarden. Not nirvana.

343 days ago


Gene Simmons needs to remember he came from a cartoon. He wore pretty much steletos on stage to Gaines his fame , he is the absolute apidiimy of music and all he uses kiss for now is one massive sell out, he may be richer than all of us but he'll, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that he is dumb as dog ****...

343 days ago
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