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Jermaine Jackson

Conrad Murray's Walking Free

And My Family is PISSED

10/13/2013 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's family is suffering its second crushing blow this month -- Conrad Murray is about to be a free man ... and Jermaine Jackson says it's almost too much for them to handle.

Jermaine downplayed his mother, Katherine Jackson's recent loss to AEG in the wrongful death trial, telling us ... "It's not about the money. This guy is walking this month. He's walking free this month!"

Murray is scheduled to be released from jail on October 28, completing his sentence for the involuntary manslaughter of MJ. Murray actually got 4-years, but that was reduced to 2, due to jail overcrowding.

Watch the clip ... Jermaine unloads on our camera guy about what he views as Murray's way-too-brief time behind bars -- adding his family is still hurting.

Bonus footage: Jermaine's take on his mom being pissed he blew $160,000 on a new Ferrari ... while he's behind on child support. Trust us, Jermaine ... Mama's not happy.



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Conrad Murray did what Michael Jackson wanted him to do. Jackson was a peodphile and a drug addict. While Murray should had recognzed this and not taken the job he'd been better off. Hind sight is 20/20 and I'm sure the payday attracted him. MJ is responsible for his own death and the Jackson's (all of 'em need to shut the eff up")' Period. Pack of entitled engrates if you ask me. Michael was the talented one. The rest of them rode his coat tails.

290 days ago


Good thing for Jermaine that it's not against the law to sponge off your brother......

290 days ago

The Neko Nation    

Congratulations doctor Murray. You did society and young boys everywhere a great service. R.I.P. Rot in pieces Whacko Jacko you disgusting drug addicted pedophile.

290 days ago


Jermaine is the male version of a skank

290 days ago


The Jackson family has always been in denial and they continue to be in denial. Dr. Murray didn't kill Michael... Michael killed Micheal. He was a dope fiend and it got him in the end. It's like blaming the drug dealer for someone overdosing. Stop living in a dream world.

290 days ago


so this family is sooo loveing an close?they knew michael was doin drugs an I am sure it was fine since they all were gettin a little bit of his money.he dies they find out their lifestyle is goin down.its all about the money,its been about money since they were all lil kids singing.its too bad he died but what do you expect doing drugs.? I am glad doc murray is not guilty,,how long do you figure the jackson clan sell the story an" mind rape" america an cash in on the whole story.?

290 days ago


be mad at yourself because Michael didn't like you either. bumming off your brother all these years. be mad at yourself for making children you do NOT support and for living off your mother too. put the blame for michael's death exactly where it belongs - the addict who made the decisions he did that cost him his life.

290 days ago


I'm sorry but I don't buy any crap the Jackson't dish out. It's ALWAYS about money for them. If it wasn't they would have done an intervention on Michael. At least tried to do one. What the dr didn't wasn't right either. But he did his crime. It's done. Move on and stop living off your brother and do something right for a change like raise his kids.

290 days ago


should have never been in prison to begin with.i mean why not start locking up the beer company owners for people who kill their livers and die or get killed by drunk drivers.i mean they made the alcohol that caused it right?

290 days ago


jury finds mj not guilty and his fans use that to site that he is innocent.those same ones say george zimmerman isnt innocent even though a jury found him not guilty.

290 days ago


Michael killed himself. He has always been headed that what is the question? This family does not deserve money for any reason. Go get a job and stop living off of others.

290 days ago


What the hell is he talking about? Not being happy with the verdict? The verdict was guilty moron.

290 days ago


This guy is a piece of sh1t, spending money he doesn't have on a car he can't afford and not paying child support. He's just feigning anger to deflect all of the negative attention he's been receiving.

290 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

What's the problem Jermaine? He paid. Have you?

290 days ago


The should have a statue built for Conrad Murray. He single-handedly stopped a child molester and sent him to hell. Good job Conrad!

290 days ago
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