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Jermaine Jackson

Conrad Murray's Walking Free

And My Family is PISSED

10/13/2013 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's family is suffering its second crushing blow this month -- Conrad Murray is about to be a free man ... and Jermaine Jackson says it's almost too much for them to handle.

Jermaine downplayed his mother, Katherine Jackson's recent loss to AEG in the wrongful death trial, telling us ... "It's not about the money. This guy is walking this month. He's walking free this month!"

Murray is scheduled to be released from jail on October 28, completing his sentence for the involuntary manslaughter of MJ. Murray actually got 4-years, but that was reduced to 2, due to jail overcrowding.

Watch the clip ... Jermaine unloads on our camera guy about what he views as Murray's way-too-brief time behind bars -- adding his family is still hurting.

Bonus footage: Jermaine's take on his mom being pissed he blew $160,000 on a new Ferrari ... while he's behind on child support. Trust us, Jermaine ... Mama's not happy.



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I think this is a travesty to justice that Murray walks in 2 years. Our system STINKS.
This family has every right to be PISSED OFF.

343 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

The Jackson family is not used to being told no. It's one of the reasons Michael Jackson id dead-no one told him no. The family is going to have to learn they don't control the world. Besides Conrad Murray, I don't think there are many people who agree of convicts getting their sentenced shortened--still, there is nothing anyone can do about it.

343 days ago



343 days ago


Conrad did his time if the jail thinks so.
On the other hand if J Jacksun's kids had to buy their food from their child support they would be dead by now.
If J Jacksun would have to do time for not paying child support he would be still be in jail.
Breaking the law is breaking the law.
People who break the law should not throw stones.

343 days ago


Cannot believe CM is going to be free man

343 days ago


Jermaine, STFU and go pay your child support. Here is a novel idea......get back to work and earn your own way. People in glass houses should not throw stones. Last time I checked, failure to pay child support is a crime too!

343 days ago


that is so fcked up.

343 days ago


Saying this doctor killed Michael Jackson is like saying a bartender is responsible for an alcoholic dying on the drive home. The poor guy was used as a scapegoat just because the drug addict was a pop star.

343 days ago


I hate to brake it to Jermaine, but Michael Jackson wasn't a God. I understand losing a family member, but guess what? The rest of the world has lost family members too! There is real life beyond Jermaine's walls. IF he's being real, and it's not all about the money, then why doesn't he speak out for other victims and their families since he obviously makes news when he speaks??? God knows whether it's really "all about the money" or not! Let's face it, their "cash cow" has died and he needs to find a real job if he doesn't have the talent, etc. to support himself (AND HIS CHILDREN!!) in the manner that he or any other family member has been accustomed too!!

343 days ago


When is the gravy train finally gonna run out for this greedy, lying POS? At least they lost the lawsuit. This guy had already started his shopping spree. Hahahahaha

343 days ago


Our system is messed up but would the extra 2 years would have done what? michael (rest his soul) was a rich addict. He had an addiction which his money grubbing selfish family neglected to see since money was always coming in. If they played the concerned family while he was alive like they are doing now then conrad murray wouldnt have been involved AEG wouldnt have been involved. Michael would have lived and would have finally seen he was more than a cash cow. But then again we are juggling shoulda coulda woulda with the jackson family. They act before they think and all they care about is materials. Theyll do anything to obtain money for nothing. Theyve forgotten what being a working family is. Its sad and Im happy michael isnt in mental or physical pain anymore. I can only hope that once prince turns 18 he takes custody of paris and blanket and they take whats left of the estate and leave that sick family behind.

343 days ago

Fred Farkel    


Thank you

343 days ago


Michael killed Michael .

343 days ago


Q. Did They Shove Wacko Into His Wall With His Baby Boy Dolls & Pictures?

Maybe Some Urine To Make Him Feel At Home As He Rots?

343 days ago


This POS is the one who should be sitting in prison for stiffing his ex out of child support, insteads buys an expensive sports car because he thinks they will win the lawsuit...WRONG! Murray deserves to be let free he was the scapegoat bought into this...whole family is dysfunctional and wait until Katherine kicks the bucket, this POS and the others will all be scrambling to get their hands on the estate money...Jermaine Jackson nothing but a grifter and loser...go get a job!

343 days ago
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