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Stallone Superfans

We Dropped $445

To Pose With Our Hero

10/14/2013 1:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Would you pay $445 to take a photo with Sly Stallone? These people did.

Sly was one of the attractions at NYC Comic Con this weekend ... where the going rate for a snapshot with the Italian Stallion ran just south of $500. Autographs were $395.

But the price didn't scare off legions of Stallone-aholics, who willingly shelled out the cash for a moment with their hero.

Stallone wasn't the only celeb charging for pics ... a photo with Stan Lee ran $400 bucks ... and people dropped $200 for a shot with Sigourney Weaver.

The moral of the story -- nerds got bank, yo.


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rabbit on the moon    

I was at Chicago Comic Con 2 months ago and everyone charged around $40-$45 for a photo op. But there was Zachary Quinto who charged $80. And I thought that was bad. $400+? I don't think so.

383 days ago


I didn't even realize that they charged for that!

I think that's BS! Like they don't have more than enough money already!

I wouldn't spend a dime on any of them movie celebs (or the filthy rich Stan Lee). I would rather pay for sketches or something from artists who at any rate need it more than guys like Stallone.

383 days ago


Stallone paid $50.000 to get invited to the NYC Comic Con. So he tried to get some money back from the nerds...

383 days ago


I've been to Star Trek conventions and I always felt sorry people that played minor characters (not the major cast members) who sit around in booths all day signing autographs and taking pictures. It seemed kind of sad. While they aren't making Stallone and Lee kind of money, little did I know how good a moneymaker that can be.

383 days ago


To all you doubters out there...I was there. People were paying this kind of money for a pic with Stallone. The info on Stan Lee is way off the mark, though. An 8X10 glossy with the Mark Twain of comic books ran you $60...... - provided you could get a ticket. An autograph from Stan the Man likewise ran you $60......

383 days ago


There'll never be anyone like him - never -

-Sly was and is The-Golden-Child.

He'd no-doubt have a quip for that.

But he's done the Un-Imaginable.

383 days ago


Uh...Pathetic. And I'm talking about Stallone.

383 days ago


One of the most well-received stories I've ever told.

Was and is the story of how Sly came up with Rocky Balboa.

My writing groups, increasingly much younger?

Are aghast you can come up with an idea/story.

Simply "by reading the sports page.'

But will the-proverbial-bell go off -

Like it did when Sly read about Wepner-Ali?

Trillions read the same story, pre-fight coverage.

But only one came up with "Rocky."

383 days ago


I'm a huge fan of Stallone, but he's definitely making himself look bad by charging so much for an autograph or photo. I'd NEVER spend $400 on an autograph no matter who it is. It feels so forced & not sincere.

383 days ago


Millionaire celebrities ask money for poor people to take pictures. Sad, Sad WORLD!

383 days ago


Americans are really phucking stupid people. The country is suffering an economic shutdown, and nobody knows what is going to happen. Babies need medicine and people are hungry, and you are giving high-end money to a multi-millionaire. Absolute phuckiness.

383 days ago


If you don't charge

i.e. Separate who's serious vs. who just wants a quick one.

Ninety million people rush you.

This way just the true fans get in line.

Makes sense to me -

383 days ago


@ "$200 for a picture with Sigourney Weaver? Is that how much she had to pay the person to take a picture with her?"


1. How Kind Of You.

2. She may have cooled-off from being a huge 80's box office draw and star - everyone does ye know.

But she's still Sigourney Weaver - never forget that.

383 days ago


Last of it and I'll crawl back into my hole.

If you charge you guarantee (that) Collectors have authentic autographs of their chosen favorites.

That means something.

You don't THINK many of these pics/autographs will be RE sold?

For five, ten, fifteen grand?

People are naive.

Not the Celebs cuz they know what's up... and their people know what's up.

500 for a framed and autographed pic with Sly, Sigourney, Stan et al?

Is a steal - an instant family heirloom.

Go away with your H8.

383 days ago


Thats horrible.

383 days ago
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