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Wife Files for Divorce,

What's Yours is Mine!

10/16/2013 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1016-timbaland-monique-gettyTimbaland's wife has filed for divorce ... TMZ has learned ... and she's not only demanding that he foot the bill for their kid, she wants him to pay for a kid he didn't even father.

Monique Mosley says in her divorce docs -- obtained by TMZ -- that although she and Timbaland have been married for 5 years, they've been a couple for twice that time.  In addition to their 5-year-old daughter, Monique has a 10-year-old from another relationship.

So why, you ask, is she asking for child support for both kids?  Monique says Timbaland is the daddy by default, since he's "publicly and privately proclaimed this child as his own."

But that's not all.  Monique wants alimony, life insurance, private school, vacations, summer camp and other expenses.  She says she's so strapped for cash, she had to borrow money from a friend to pay her lawyer.  She wants Timbaland -- who's worth around $80 mil -- to foot the lawyer's bill.

One more thing.  She wants to get Timbaland coming and going.  In the alimony department, she says she wants money while divorce proceedings are pending, she wants a lump sum, she wants "rehabilitative alimony," and permanent alimony.

It's like she's trying to cut him down like a mighty tree in the forest -- TIMBA!



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Why didn't he get a prenup? Why didn't she have an income or at least save some money that she was likely given during this 15 year relationship? I'm sure she has plenty of the $1,000 CL's, bags, etc. that she can pawn. BOTH of them are silly.

370 days ago


Actually, she's right re make those requests. If he claimed or publicly acknowledged the older son as his etc., a divorce shouldn't exclude caring for him. Divorce isn't the child's fault--it's between the parents. None of us know what transpired privately between them re promises etc. He promised to love, honor and protect etc. and the bond is broken when betrayal and dishonor enter in. This isn't a time to stand on ceremony or behind pride----she should request those things and that's minimal in comparison to other settlement. He should provide it---it's the least he can do. It's cruel for men to "make" their woman dependent on them-to just toss them aside when they get uncomfortable and itchy from commitment.. And it's insulting of them to lavish on the new "girl" and a "new" family to ignore the initial one. He has to consider the long term conditioning of the children also.

370 days ago

h texas    

God damn.....He must of done something really bad to piss her off like that....or...He probably caught her doing something that she wasn't suppose to and she scared he might not leave her with any dinero.. She might probably ask for half his penis.js

370 days ago


So sad that a woman/mother has to go so low. I understand that she wants support for their daughter but for the child that does not belong to him, she should find that child's father and go for support. I understand that mothers need help but you don't want the man to go broke!!! sending the child to school, ok! paying child support for his daughter, Ok! give her enough to make it by not to make her buy a mansion or a closet full of shoes. this is the time you look to care for your child. this isn't about you! your daughter needs a relationship with both parents and their support. Sorry sweetie but it is time for you to get up and get a job! welcome back to society love... It SUCKS but you will get by. Stop being greedy, this money is for your child not for your habit!...

370 days ago


FIVE other woman preg??? Wtf He deserves what he gets then!!

370 days ago


Getting married in the United States is becoming the worst thing a man can do next to marrying an American woman or getting married at all in general. Just stay single and keep your money fellas. You've been lied to. Marriage is a trap.

370 days ago


(If what she's asking for is a true statement), then in my opinion I feel as though she's being overly gluttony. I look @ it like this: What were you doing with your life & how were you taking care of this child you already had before you met Timbaland? I feel as though you can ask for certain things, b/c yes your family & yourself does get accustom to a certain lifestyle, BUT it's ALL the things she's asking for is having me say to myself: Damn, get off your ass & work. Oh & not these fly-by-night boutiques, shoe stores, clothing lines, all the other BS shops celebrity wives or ex-wives like to open or staying @ home & the children are past 4 &5 years old. GET A REAL JOB. I just feel like Timbaland is entitled to take care of their child, but IF he wants to do anything else for the other child it shouldn't be mandatory or by force. I mean, what is & what will the child’s father contributing by having another MAN take care of his responsibility? Meanwhile, the woman is wearing expensive handbags, driving multiple vehicles & living lavish on someone else's dime. When does that biological parent pay her for HIS child? Or heaven forbid if her child ever got ill, should Timbaland be required to also give her a kidney if she ever got sick or would this woman ask the child's biological father @ all? I know her kind: LAZY! It's no reason to clean a man out like that, but like everyone she will have her day, b/c if that's truly what she's seeking she's doing way too much. If you stop shopping @ these high end stores, I guarantee that the $$ he’ll give her for alimony, their daughter’s school & other things, will work & stretch enough for her 2 kids & herself. Prioritize!

370 days ago


See triple thirsty ass bitch take nights love and kindness for a weakness now she tryin to go overboard out of hatred

370 days ago


Ugh, what a disgusting woman (and I use the term loosely like her vagina).

368 days ago

Ashley Kelly    

I found this online, she seems like more than a gold digging house wife. Maybe there is more to this, smh

366 days ago

Yung Magik    

Surprise she didn't ask for one of his studios

355 days ago

Yung Magik    

I am surprised she didn't ask for his music equipment

355 days ago
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