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Adrian Peterson's Baby Mama

He Left Me High & Dry


10/17/2013 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Adrian Peterson
baby mama #2 Erica Syion left out one HUGE detail when she said the NFL star has taken good financial care of his kids -- back in April, TMZ has learned, she sued his ass for $52,032 in unpaid child support and other child-related bills.

Erica -- who has a 4-year-old son with Adrian -- went on "TMZ Live" Wednesday, claiming AP dutifully pays his child support on time. But that wasn't the case earlier this year.

We've learned Erica filed court docs, claiming Peterson failed to pay child support for three straight years, and also failed to reimburse her for their son's travel expenses and school tuition -- a bill that totaled $52,032.

There must have been some bad blood after that -- because Erica filed additional docs in July, asking the court to order Peterson not to trash talk her in front of their son, and not to hide their son from her.

But it was all resolved in September -- according to court docs, the two reached a settlement. Erica tells us, Adrian paid all his back child support as well as the other bills.

But there's a catch -- according to the docs, AP plans to stop paying school tuition for their son by next year. Interesting.

Calls to Adrian's camp weren't returned.

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No Avatar


Damn, I love AP on the field, but stop having kids!

336 days ago


Why is that a "catch"? If the child is 4 now, he's been going to preschool for four years and next year the expectation is probably that he'll enroll in a public school for kindergarten where there logically isn't a tuition requirement.

336 days ago


With so many baby-mamas slithering out the Motel 6 woodwork one of those kids will look for other siblings by posting selfles with the caption "Do You Look Like Me"?
Dude! They know what causes pregnancy now! Use a freaking condom! This is how dumb pro athletes loose gazillions of dollars. Take a freaking business class.

336 days ago


Adrian is going to need a second job. He can't afford to pay for all of these kids on a measly NFL salary. Maybe he can get a job in the off-season.

336 days ago


It is amazing that with a $96million dollar contract he can't afford some decent condoms! These are not good people, the victims are the kids. So sad but not hard to believe.

336 days ago


He's probably not paying school tuition next yr. b/c the kid will start K in public school.

336 days ago

Carl Fredricksen    

Typical dead-beat dad that should be sterilized so he no longer can spread around his stupid...

336 days ago


Not only is he an absentee father basically the only reason he financially supports his kid(s) is when he's practically forced to by the courts. SMH The only people in this drama I feel sorry for are the kids.

336 days ago


Adrian will be on Trinity Broadcasting Network with that freaky haired woman and Evander Holyfield talking about their Christian faith.

336 days ago


If you can't handle it alone, then keep your legs closed or a case of condoms by your nightstand.

336 days ago


What do you expect, it's a young MAN way of thinking. 95% of his age group think that way when it comes to responsibility....everybody knows that. I witness this feckless behavior on 2 of my nephews. Of course my Latin family were appalled, but what can they do. Everybody makes their own destiny.

335 days ago


Ho3s are winning and these ignorant a$$ men let them! having babies by men they just met several hours before because they're rich/famous! how much child support would this ho3 get if her baby daddy was an "average joe" probably zero (actually she probably would've had an abortion if the dad was average, talk about a golden ticket!!) and now she has the nerve to complain about what she does get. LOL.. she was skripping before she met him, get to skripping again ho3!

332 days ago


Skit, you are most likely, correct in your assessment. Ever catch any Maury Povitch? Half of the babies out there don't know who their father is......... It's sickening! And laughable....

323 days ago


Nobody cares if he pays his child support on time or not. What everyone cares about, at the moment, is the fact that his son died. Not that his child's mother is claiming that he can't correctly support his child.

91 days ago
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