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Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Someone's a Liar

10/17/2013 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kendall and Kylie Jenner NEVER flashed phony IDs at the doorman for the 21-and-over club they partied at Tuesday night ... so claim Jenner family sources.

This squarely contradicts the manager of Vignette lounge, who says the girls -- ages 16 and 17 -- ABSOLUTELY presented fake IDs at the door. 

The Jenner sources say the doorman recognized the 2 girls ... he knew exactly who they were ... and let them in without asking anything about proof of age.

The Jenner sources also say the girls had no idea the club was 21 and older.  The sources could not explain how Scott Disick and Khloe Kardashian -- who escorted Kendall and Kylie into the club -- could possibly have no idea the girls weren't old enough to legally get in.

The sources were also mum on the photo of Kendall and Kylie -- looking wasted as they sat in the back seat of their SUV as they left the club just before 2 AM.

So we gotta ask ...



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So My Question to the Club giving them the Benefit of the Doubt. Did the Club Fire the Bouncer for letting in Underage Girls?

374 days ago


I'd bang both of them.
Even though their big sister is a human toilet,
and their mother is a complete pimp.

374 days ago


The Kartrashians lie about everything. I still can't figure out why they are famous. For a porn tape that happened years ago? These girls knew where they were going. I believe the club that they showed fake ids. I believe Scott and Khloe knew where they were bringing them. Why were these two teenagers out on a school night anyway? No school because they are rich, spoiled and famous for being whores? So sad.

374 days ago


Wouldn't the color of the arm band signify something? What age group gets that color at the club?

374 days ago


I dont know how the law varies in California, but their defense is that they didnt know the club was 21 and up? Are there clubs in California that ARE 16 and up?

373 days ago


These two minors look VERY DRUNK in this photo !!

373 days ago


Based on family choices, they were probably looking for black sports players or rappers.

373 days ago


Who cares

373 days ago


If I came home at 2AM at 16-17, that would have been it for me. Which parent screwed up by not knowing, or allowing this?? Clearly, nobody is responsible. These are two more "Kim Kardashian's" in the making....when does the video start rolling?

373 days ago


When are the kardashians going away. The entire family is comprised of fame whore douchbags. LOL.
I hope their pets get a tv show too. Really, how entertaining would it be to watch fat ass and the douche crew picking up dog ****. Exactly. And Bruce Jenner is apparently a woman dressing as a man. Someone should check for balls.

373 days ago


i believe them on the fake id thing.the rest they are full of ****.but lets face it underage people with known names get let into clubs all the time with no show of an id.

373 days ago


Please, even if this was an 18 and older club then they were too young. Kylie and Kendall, please go back to school (and not home schooled) and learn how to use your brains. Scott and Khloe should have known. As a responsible adult you should know what the place you are going to is all about - including any restrictions that are in place. Once again this is clean up of a mess that gave them MORE negative attention.

373 days ago

Shanky Dog    

Why are 2 teengers out on a school night to 2 am ?

373 days ago


These clowns are very aware that they don't go anywhere without cameras showing up. Everything is planned...the stupid ones are the people who keep watching their show and buying the magazines. If you stop paying attention then maybe they'd go away....Like Paris what's her name.

373 days ago


Looks like mom isn't doing a great job! They need Bruce!!!

373 days ago
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